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Freelance Services

Freelance writer, Blogger, Social content creator, and Feature writer

MY Services


Create short and full-length case studies to tell individual stories across a range of materials.

I have previously worked with AGEUK to reflect stories of individuals who contacted the phone friends services over the coronavirus period.

Social content creator

 Tailored social media content to advertise and promote websites and showcase the blog posts I wrote.

Blog writing

Producing informative and engaging blog posts that are well researched to increase traffic to a site.

I have produced posts for multiple business including; Moovstuff, Staycaytion, and Wiltshire Masks.

Feature Writer

I typically write outdoor and environmental lifestyle features on the benefits of nature on our wellbeing and how we can incorporate sustainable habits into our lifestyles to protect our planet. Here are some published features:

FGRLS – “Why am I so ashamed of my grief” – Not yet published

Mouthy Magazine – “Let’s talk about Crohn’s disease” – Not yet published

Everyday Magazine- “How I’m saving the planet with my clothes”

LadyBurd – “The accessibility of Sustainable Periods”

Generation Plymouth – “Graduating From Home”

Abi’s Life in Writing – “Meet Para Climber James Rudge”,“Why you shouldn’t let anxiety stop you flying from alone”“Climb for your Mind”.

Case Studies


Working for a client in a freelance capacity to promote the start-up business. I produced informative and engaging blog posts and social media posts to increase traction and traffic customers to the Staycaytion website.

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AGE UK Plymouth

Using notes provided by colleagues to develop written content which reflects the personality of individuals who contacted the phone friends services. I ensured the content developed captured the emotions behind lived Covid-19 experiences

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“Creative, environmentally minded graduate of English with refined writing skills, key social media skills, and the ability to meet high standards of working”

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