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Hi, welcome to my life in writing. Thanks for dropping by!

Freelance Services

Want me to write for you?

I am experienced in copywriting, blogging, and social content creating to traffic audiences to my clients websites.


I can create short and full-length case studies to tell individual stories across a range of materials.

I have previously worked with AGEUK to reflect stories of individuals who contacted the phone friends services over the coronavirus period.

Blog writing

I am able to produce informative and engaging blog posts that are well researched to increase traffic to a site.

I have produced posts for multiple start-up businesses including; Moovstuff, Staycaytion, and Wiltshire Masks.

Social content writer

Tailored social content to traffic audiences to a website through methods sucha as blog posts and social media content.

What Clients have said:

“Abi is a dedicated creative writer who I enjoy working with very much. She consistently comes up with imaginative and on brand articles that produce a high level of engagement with the audience of Wiltshire Masks. Abi always completes the articles on time and I highly recommend her if you need a writer!”

Helena Wiltshire, Founder of Wiltshire Masks

“It was a pleasure to work with Abi on her iMayflower Virtual Internship.  She was a really proactive candidate, keen to bring her skills to the table with a wide range of businesses, and actively engaged in promoting our scheme to a wide audience. Abi’s blogging skills were massively appreciated by her client and helped them to launch a brand new online platform in the midst of a global pandemic!”

Sarah Holcombe, Knowledge exchange Specialist for iMayflower virtual internships

“Creative, environmentally minded graduate of English with refined writing skills, key social media skills, and the ability to meet high standards of working”

Niki Armson, Employability advisor at Plymouth University

Let’s create something great together.

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