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Enthusiastic freelance copywriter, social content writer, and blogger

Writing services

Give me a brief and I can do just about anything. Stringing words together to capture your brands voice and engage your customers is always an exciting project for me so my services are not limited to these below. These are my standard packages to give you a rough idea of what to expect, but please do get in touch so we can discuss specifics and how I can help you.

Blog posts

An SEO friendly well researched blog between 500-1000 words…

Got a blog topic in mind?

Let me know the topic and I will; take the subject area, gather research, and delegate time and focus into creating an engaging blog on the topic that will wow your customers.

Prices from £80.

Website copy

Welcoming text to invite your customers to shop on your site...

I’m sure you know by now that your website is your shop window, your looking at mine now to see what I have to offer. I can show your customers what you have to offer and use inviting yet salesy language to get them to go beyond browsing and invest in your products.

Prices from £50.

Social media posts

Down to earth, on trend content to get customers to engage with your brand and come back…

Your social media posts should showcase your personal side of your business. It’s your chance to show the other side of you, the human being side of you that your customers can relate to. If they like your natural ethos, it’ll be as though they are buying products from a trusted friend.

Prices from £25

Want to work with me?

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