Being a uni student I’m lucky enough to have three whole weeks holiday, and I can gladly say I think I’ve made the most of them. So lets catch you up photo diary style

I started of with a weekend helping out with Ten Tors training which I’ve already shared here on the blog. If you missed that you can check it out here :

Then after having learnt how to lead belay (and climb actually), with the brother being home, we went climbing outdoors…. ALOT

First off we started off at Portishead Black Rock Quarry

Then we went to Dartmoor to climb at the Dewerstone at Shaugh Prior which is one of the most beautiful settings. I had actually been here a year prior to this and it is still my favourite location to climb. The climbs were 48 meters multi pitches- as you can imagine, I was shattered after!

The day after we went to Clevedon to do some low-key climbing in the evening climbing until we were hungry and in need of some dinner.

Then to conclude all the exciting outdoor climbing we went back to Portishead Quarry

What these photos don’t show is the amount of bruises and scratches I’ve still got on my legs and arms from clumsy climbing and a few falls but as they say… no pain no gain, and all the bruises have been worth it.

To stay on the outdoorsy category I’ve also been hiking on the Mendips with my Mum and her friend Tracey who are in training for their Coleridge way expedition which they are doing in the summer

Here’s their just giving page if you want to sponsor them.

On Easter Sunday myself and the parents went for a walk round Cheddar Gorge – It was baking hot!

And after that Will and I went to Clevedon for a little walk in the sunshine

On bank holiday Monday I went to see my Nain and we also went on a hunt for bluebells in the Forest of Dean. Unfortunately we were just a tad early for the bluebells as not many were out yet 😦

Now moving away from the exciting outdoorsy adventures I’ve also done regular people stuff like catching up with friends and family. I did my first spoons quiz… and lost. I also had my first ever driving lesson… and didn’t kill anyone!

Also for anyone else who is watching you will agree with me that this is a major part of the Easter break: GAME OF THRONES IS BACK! I’ve loved the episodes so far. How have you all been finding it ?

I also had fun at Brackenwood garden centre with Grandma and Mum today and I found two little beauties to add to my house plant collection which you may have seen on my insta stories:

So all that and general meetings up with friends and family concludes my Easter break. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter and have made the most of the nice warm weather.

I’m back off to uni on Friday so from here on out I’ll just be packing and doing some bits of research ahead of my coursework deadlines. Good luck to all of you who also have exams and coursework.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to drop a comment if you enjoyed or to tell me about your Easter/ Easter weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week x