2019 marks the eleventh year of me travelling down to the Ten Tors event. I’ve now officially been a leader/trainer as this year I made it to some training walks and so I can now say I’ve done all three roles; spectator, participant, and trainer. It was really amazing being able to watch the the teams I had a tiny part in training smash it this weekend- it’s been really enjoyable being this side of ten event. I can’t wait to train more scouts next year!

Again like last year it was sad to not be walking and again I got a bit emosh at the start line but it really was a weekend of fun (despite the late night and early starts which my Grandma body is not used to).

It was a weekend full of putting up and taking down tents, finding pubs, and and with the weather being so nice I even got to star gaze at the start/finish line on Saturday night!

I’m not going to ramble on too much as I did a blog post similar to this last year which I will link below :


For those of you who are interested and like looking at routes the Portishead and Clevedon teams were PH and FJ

Well done to everyone who completed Ten Tors this year. I miss it and my team so much. Thanks for reading x