All done for another year. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break! Was anyone else full of cold this year like me?

This year my family and I (although this year was without my brother for the first year ever) went to Bicknoller in West Somerset for Christmas. My family went down a few days before me so Will took us down to join my family on the 23rd and he stayed for the night and most of Christmas eve.

We met my family at Williton station where we had a stretch leg after the journey down (it’s usually an hour journey but we found some traffic)

and then spent the evening playing games and swapping our presents with Will

On Christmas Eve we all had a lovely day. We started with a morning dog walk – I deffo felt how ill I was going up the hill, I’ve never heard my chest be so wheezy! felt like that wheezy toy in Toy Story (appallingly I can’t remember what type of toy it was.. a dog?)

Then we travelled to Porlock Weir for a little wander… before it rained on us and we walked swiftly back to the car.

We then had a short stop at Allerford Bridge (which when we used to have summer holidays in Exmoor we would often end walks there so it was nice and nostalgic).

We then went for lunch at Selworthy which is one of Mum and my favourite spots (it’s another place we like to swing by on our Exmoor walks, which we also did this summer which you can read about here).

I had a gorgeous brie and cranberry toastie and oh wowie, it’s making me question whether or not I’ll be able to do Veganuary again because Y-U-M!

After we got back William left and we did some prep and games before Christmas day.

Then of course the big day: Christmas.

We started the day with the usual routine (albeit without my brother who is in New Zealand) by opening our stockings in Mum and Dad’s room with a cuppa and a shortbread biscuit.

Then we got up and face timed said brother which was really nice (-despite the technical difficulties of signal one end and my breaking laptop).

We then made the most of the most delightful weather with a sun sun sunny morning dog walk.

After a cuppa and a freshening up from the muddy walk we swapped presents

Then we had afternoon, pre lunch, walk.

Then Christmas dinner…

…but Rat Pig decided to make that more interesting this year -_-. My Dog Amber had an issue with her paw (we think she cut her pad on something or irritated it) so stated scratching it on the carpet and kicking it up and making a big fuss. So mid dinner we gave her paw a salt bath and an antiseptic wipe then covered it with one of my socks so she would leave it alone. She then got many many cuddles until she fell asleep so not to try and take said sock off. Absolute chaos!

Then commenced a low key afternoon full of doing jigsaws, afternoon naps and sitting in front of the telly. Now I know what you’re thinking, did I watch the ‘Gavin and Stacey’ Christmas special? YES OF COURSE I DID, I blooming loves it I did . I thought it was very nicely done and didn’t try to make it too similar or too different- I thought it had the perfect balance. And OHHH that ending!!

On Boxing Day I had a slower start and slept through the morning dog walk ( a good day to do so it as it was a bit cold and rainy). Instead I had a coffee and my breakfast over a game of scrabble

We then popped to the pub for a drink down the road before coming home to sort out lunch/dinner which was bubble and squeak made out of leftovers – very yummy.

I also managed to persuade my family to play some games! shocker! We played Irish Snap, Dobble, and charades.

Then on Friday it was a case of packing everything up and heading home. When I got back I sat down and complied together loads of little snippets of video clips I had taken over the few days we were away and made this on IMovie on my phone. I hope you enjoy this little video.

I hope you all have made some lovely memories you can reflect on and cherish. Just in case my family and friends are reading, I want to say a big thank you for the holiday and letting me bully you into playing games with me, and also thank you for the lovely presents x

Now it’s on to the New Year, I hope you have a lovely time whatever you are doing (even if that’s having a quiet night in). x