Wowie does the time go fast. I remember being sat in my first year uni halls room sitting at my desk and deciding I was going to start a blog.

I only told a few people I was going to do it, and at first my posts were private but as time went on I grew more confident in sharing my writing (as informal as it may be sometimes).

They started with silly things like why I have a bullet journal because I just wanted something to write about. As time has gone on I learnt what I enjoyed writing – and yes that’s a big variation of stuff and has sort of become my own little online diary, but I have loved the routine of making new content for every Sunday morning.

I’ve even made a little blog insta page which I also have been using to share updates and promo these posts which has been brilliant. Hands down Instagram is my favourite social media app. If you want to follow me over there I am @abislifeinwriting

My favourite posts this year deffo include;

Sharing my short story The dark cloud

My Christmas holiday 2019

My sister the serial killer book review

Injured in Exmoor

Back to Hogwarts

Giving it a go in Jersey (2019)

In the coming year of blogging I want to do more of the same because it’s what I enjoy writing about.

I want to do more ‘travel type stuff’ like recommending places to go. I love it because it gets me out and about taking photos, and then I get the joys of sharing it with you!

At the end of the year I have an exciting trip to New Zealand coming up which I will 100% blog about. We’ve recently started the planning for that so I’ll make sure to document the process and share it with you later in the year!

And of course there will be the usual book reviews and lifestyle updates which I also love writing about. I’ve also just realised there will be a post about my graduation too (how SCARY is that!? I’m graduating this July!)

I hope that sounds good to you because I’m gonna do it anyways 👍

In all seriousness, please let me know if there is anything new you want me to try, I’m always up for giving things a go ☺️

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog, whether that’s been for 2 years or you’re new here today. Seeing my readership go up each week really motivates me to stick at it, so Thankyou!

I’ll see you soon with lots more stuff for my 3rd year of blogging!