I have seen the sun! Unfortunately it has mostly been from my bedroom window as I have spent the last couple of weeks studying away getting my assignments done.

I’ve also been editing away on the 2020 INK magazine as I am this years Fiction editor. I’m super excited to see it all in print.

So after the wettest February on record, and now that my assignments are handed in, I want to go out and do lots of things. So I thought I’d share a quick list (as I have Diss to get back to today) of what I want to get up to this spring

Ps. Happy international women’s day!


There are so many lovely little walks around Plymouth and Bristol, I want to go out and get some fresh air with the sun on my face without getting soaked!

In Plymouth I want to do the Saltram walk. I have done a few times before and it’s nothing special but it’s nice to be in Plymouth while feeling like I’ve left it if that makes sense?

I also want to make a Dartmoor trip. There are a few training walks coming up in April BUT with my dissertation looming I need to sit down and work out dates and how realistic it is. If not hopefully I’ll make a half day trip before the Easter break

There’s also the Barbican/Hoe, which I can deffo find time to go and sit by the ocean

I also REALLY REALLY want to go to Pennywell Farm

My Friend Kate has recently been and hugged all the little baby pigs and goats and surely there’s nothing more like spring that baby animals!

It looks like she had the best time! She also said she got to cuddle piglets wrapped in blankets!

Now I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself here but I’d also love a BBQ- basically the justification to sit outside in the sun and have some food, maybe a cafe will have to do.

This photo is from July when Mum and I went to Exmoor. It’s one of our family favourite spots: Selworthy tea rooms

What’s on your spring to do list? Let me know in the comments

Get out and enjoy the sunshine while it last folks x

This was the most spring-esq pic I could find on my camera roll (it’s from April 2019). HOW CUTE IS SHE!