Happy Sunday to you lovely readers, thanks for dropping by!

Spring is not going the way any of us were expecting I’m sure, but if one thing stayed the same for me it was my reading.

Amongst deadlines, and then Corona virus, and then finishing off my dissertation, and then preparing for the next lot of assignments, I have managed to get a few books read this Spring.

This list comprises the 8 books that I’ve been reading from Early March until now* in the order of which I read them in.

***the beginning of May in case you’ve lost track of where we are


As you probably already know from previous posts, I had been re-reading that Harry Potter books before bed time while at uni. They are stress free and comforting, and I had no obligation to it -as I’ve already read them all a million times. I had forgotten so much from this book, like the finer details the films miss out about the Department of Mysteries (and the weird brains)

2. & 3. & 4.

The next 3 books are one’s I’ve been reading for my ‘environmental crisis’ module.


Winterson’s Stone Gods was a really wild read, it tackled a lot of issues (even got pretty deep and philosophical) but in a cool sci-fi way but was also kind of a transcendental love story. Was really interesting but needs a bit of commitment to be able to follow what was going on. It is also a re-telling of Robinson Crusoe. I’m glad we read it for uni as I don’t think it would be a book I would’ve picked up myself, but it was super interesting to discuss in our seminar. We looked into the idea of consciousness and what makes a human human as well as the environmental crisis throughout time.


Sinha’s Animal’s people was really interesting. It took me a while to start reading because I was never reaching to pick it up, I don’t know why because I always super enjoyed reading it while I was reading it. It was about a human who chose to be an animal and goes by the name ‘animal’. I really enjoyed reading his story when I did pick the book up but I have to admit I never actually finished this book. Corona virus was kicking off and my seminar go cancelled and I never got round to finishing it off. I need to move it to my to be read pile and pick it back up!


I have a lot of love for Atwood after reading Handmaid’s tale. Maddaddam did not disappoint! It was very different but very Atwood clever.

I don’t really know quite how to describe this book to you! It’s set in a post apocalypse society whereby most of the human race has been wiped out due to a virus (feels a bit too close for comfort considering our current climate) AND looks at how the earth can work in harmony with humans if treated right and with other’s (aka. Nature) as a community.

5. & 6.

Whilst reading Atwood’s Maddaddam in the day time (it counts as uni work so I like to separate it from my relax time), at night time I was reading these beauties!

I always forget how different the end of the Half Blood Prince is with the order and the death eaters at Hogwarts and the appearance of the muggle prime minister.

The Deathly Hallows was slightly less stress free. There are a few scenes (aka. the snake at Godrics Hollow) that still terrify me even now as a 21 year old. I ended up reading this book in 3 evenings/early mornings due to some restless nights and an addiction to the book!

If you’ve never read the books or are thinking about re-reading Harry Potter… DO. They are the perfect comfort, especially now. They are the cosiest of cosy reads!


I was kindly gifted this book by my gorgeous friend Asia for my 21st birthday. She chose well.

I have previously read Paula Hawkins Girl on the Train so I knew I was in for a treat, but Into the Water was even better. I loved the eeriness of the drowning pool and it’s history. Brilliant book. It’s about multiple women committing suicide in the same spot along a river but raises the questions and investigates as to whether they really were suicides.

I’m thinking of doing a full in depth book review on this is you fancy it?


I’d been waiting to buy this book ever since Liv Purvis published it -she’s one of my favourite bloggers and is amazing at writing and making people feel good about themselves …

I knew this book would be equally as good as she is. It’s about acknowledging your insecurities and changing your perspective on them for the better: “Join the club, then learn how to leave it” as Liv says.

I told myself it would be a post handing in my dissertation treat and here we are! I don’t want to say too much as I’m deffo going to do a book review on this. It changes your whole perception on your insecurities.

I think I’m going to be dropping this book outside a few of my friends houses because EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS.

9. (Surprise number 9)

I was not expecting to finish If you find me but I got glued to it while reading outside in the sunshine on Saturday so thought I’d add it on the end of this list for you

This book is about 2 girls who have been abandoned on their own in a cabin in the woods until one day they are found and face the struggle of reinserting themselves into ‘normal life’. It reminded me a lot of Room. And I really really enjoyed it! It shares a heartwarming light into family, identity and trust.

That concludes what I’ve been reading the last couple months. What have you been reading? I’d love some recomendations.

Also let me know if you want me to review any of these!

I hope you are keeping well- I wish you all the best ❤️

Abi x