Handbook or Bible, your choice.

This book is a girls best friend for changing those pesky insecure habits. Whether it’s self doubt, body image woes, managing friendships, or any other insecure worries, Liv Purvis is here to teach us how to value ourselves.

As a fellow ‘Nervous Purvis’ this book couldn’t resonate with me more! Not only are there so many hilarious and relatable anecdotes about situations Liv has faced insecurities in, but most importantly she gives a variety of remedies to these situations. I discovered so many nuggets of wisdom in the book. I have taken so much away from it!

But it’s not just Liv’s advice. Each chapter has sections, not just from members of the insecure girls club, or facts from studies, but she also chats to professionals/experts.

These professionals/experts are the following wonderful ladies: Africa Brooke (Mindset coach), Lucy Sheridan (comparison coach), Nadia Craddock (body image researcher), Megan Crabbe (body positive advocate), Sarah Powell (creator of Celebrate Yourself), Kate Leaver (author of the Friendship Cure), Deeba Syed (political activist), and Saima Thompson (Trekstock writer). Since reading this book I have given these amazing humans a follow on Instagram and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

“We are all worthy of taking up space, and we often need to trust our own judgement and leave the worrying until later”

Liv Purvis, p.9

Every girl I know (Including me) has felt embarrassed or insecure about something at some point in their life and some of those really stick with you.

“When someone points out something you feel conscious of, it becomes ten times easier for your inner critic to start buckling you with that insecurity too”

Liv Purvis, p.12

I remember in primary school being accused of having chicken pox and then being embarrassed by my freckles for far too many years of my life. It was even worse every time they came out more in the sunshine !

“Learn to talk to yourself with kindness and compassion on the days when things aren’t so great, and focus on the things that you do feel good about”

Liv Purvis, p.104

Liv points out the obvious, as we’ve all been too blinded by our insecurities to see it: we need to acknowledge those insecurities and realise they are silly – We wouldn’t say them about a friend so we need to stop saying it about ourselves and have more faith in who we are.

“Knowing that you don’t always have to say yes doesn’t make you a terrible person”

Liv Purvis, p.167

Liv shows us readers that we need to put ourselves first sometimes. This is one I’m trying hard to practice but this book has given me a lot more motivation to practice it because it’s made me realise how important it is… I’m such a people pleaser (which is good sometimes) but I need to know when to say “sorry I need some me time” rather than leaving myself at the end of a figurative ‘people pleaser to do list’.

“I’ve learnt the most important relationship you have is with yourself”

Amy, a member of the insecure girls club, p.168

I truly, with all of my heart, recommend you get this book, especially if any of this has struck a cord or resonated with you. You can order it from amazon here

The quotes I’ve used are just some of my favourite picks, there are so many other wise gems throughout this handbook. I’ve even got my pencil out and underlined some of the advice I will be returning to (I only ever normally write in my university Lit books so that was a sudden surprise of an impulse)!

Also go follow the Insecure girls club Instagram, there is so much positivity over there!

I dropped this round to my friend Jess yesterday – social distancing style of course- (hi if you’re reading). I want all of my girl friends to read this!!!

Hope you are all well and keeping as positive as you can at this time. We will get through it x