Hi all, Book REVIEW TIME!!!!!

Originally I thought I was going to be disappointed with this book. I was convinced my mate had recommended this book to me and was raving about it– I can still picture face-timing her when she was talking about it sat on her doorstep with a pint in hand. Turns out I had fallen victim to the ‘Mandela effect’* which I did not believe until I made her prove to me at a later date that she did not even own this book after I had excitingly told her that I had ordered the book on her recommendation. I thought “OH, I’ve just wasted my money on this book”.

*When someone remembers an event differently to how they actually are. My friend was in fact talking about a very different book even though I’m still convinced it was The Flat Share.

Turns out I could not be more wrong and I had not at all wasted my money and I LOVED this book and DEVOURED it in a couple of days.

Beth O’Leary is able to make the most compelling and real characters— even with those not central to the plot as a reader you could sense they had a whole background and personality. I just fell in love with Tiffy and Leon (the main characters).

So for those of you who haven’t read this book it is about a Flat Share funnily enough. Tiffy is moving out of her ex boyfriends house -where they have a messy history- and needs a cheap place to rent. Leon is renting his flat because he needs money to pay for a lawyer. Tiffy works 9-5 as a Publisher, Leon works nights as a Nurse and so they share everything, including a bed without even needing to meet. They communicate through post it notes on books and on the fridge until one of them oversleeps and they finally meet!

It’s hilarious, sad, emotional, and romantic. It hit me in the feels in every way possible. It even made me giddy and gushy over their romantic lives, I was very invested– Although maybe this was due to my lack of human interaction and romance during lockdown.

I was hung up on this book for a few days once I finished it, I couldn’t bring myself to read a new book as I was still emotionally invested into Tiffy and Leon’s lives! I was (and still am) obsessed with the authenticity of their post-it note conversations and the natural blossoming of the friendships and relationships in this novel.

Usually I’m not a fan of the changing perspective style but it made complete sense considering the characters polar opposite time schedules and so it really complimented the plot. As you can tell, I really loved this book!

I’ve been in conversation with my friend Mel who also loved this book. She said:

“There are so many moments of real poignancy; Leon and Tiffy’s lives were crocheted together like a fairytale yet this book still kept its feet on the ground, firmly planted in real life. I need a sequel to this magical book!”

“I hold both characters in such high regard, Tiffy is a force of nature, even if at times she doesn’t know it – I bet we can all see ourselves in Tiffy at stages! Leon is far from your average hunk in your normal “girl meets boy” storyline: he is such a cleverly crafted character – I wish I could have a conversation with him!”

Mel is also a fellow blogger know as @gracefullymel. You can check out her blog post on The Flat Share here.

Have you read it too? Did you feel the same as me? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! x