As you know, I’m all for going out for a walk for some mental refreshment … which is what I hoped this walk would achieve.

Believe it or not, I was less relaxed on my return from this hike than the last. This walk included far too many jump scares for my liking: Many furry creatures took a liking to us — it was unwelcome.

The first instance was being followed very closely by several cows, the second was some incredibly brave sheep that suddenly charged at us which spooked the dog so much so that I has to carry her. Then there was a dog just barking but after the previous events it made me jump more than usual, and finally I almost chocked on a fly. As you can see, I was much less mentally refreshed after this walk than the last one (which you can read here)

Despite all the incidences, it was still a lovely 13km walk and I want to still encourage to take the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and take a deep breath — I guarantee you will feel a even just a smidge better, even if you are already feeling on top of the world.

Whilst on our walk, I took the opportunity to practice some photography again – of course the pictures were mostly centred round my very photogenic dog– which was fun to play with.

I think you’ll love the results of these if you click through them quickly:

We were lucky that the weather stayed dry and it wasn’t as hot as it had been recently (we did this walk in late May) so it was actually a very pleasant day to walk — minus the jump scares of course.

We had a whole mix of terrain with a few hills, a few forest spots, some fields, and some road walking.

The aim was to walk to Abbots Pool as it’s a local view spot near where I live but I’ve never actually been, it was really cool to see. It such a secluded area and the air felt fresh and it was a relaxing point of the day.

I struggled to take any good pictures of the actual pool/lake as people were swimming in there–I didn’t think they’d be too keen to feature on my blog in their underwear!

Despite the jump scares and the near death experience of choking on a fly it was still a really enjoyable walk.

I’ve found the outdoors and fresh air is the best medicine for our lockdown brains so I really recommend you explore somewhere you haven’t been before near where you live. You never know what nice spots you might discover. Although, it would be even better for you if you mange to avoid curiously brave farm animals!

Thanks Mum for planning this route for us x

Have you managed to go on any adventures recently? Let me know in the comments where you’ve been, I’d love to know.

Thanks again for reading, apologies for it being a bit outdated as it’s been about a month since we went on this hike… BUT there has been lots of other exciting content which you guys have been loving (so thanks for reading those too)*. You can read last weeks post which was an interview with Para Climber James Rudge here.

*edit 10/07/2020: There has also been a delay as I have taken a week off social media as sadly my Nain passed away last Friday. This post was scheduled to go up last Sunday but I chose to pause it. HOWEVER, as Nain was my biggest blogging fan I’m coming back as I know she wouldn’t want me to stop – I have detailed a bit more as to why on Instagram (which I update on regularly so if you want to ‘be in the loop’ a bit more with what I’m up to, keep an eye over there):

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Sadly this wonderful lady who I proudly call my Nain passed away last Friday. As a result, as you’ve probably noticed, I have taken some time off posting on social media and paused my blog posts. However, as Nain was my biggest supporter and probably my most regular reader on my blog ~even if she couldn’t always find it on the World Wide Web or when her internet was down for weeks she still made sure to catch up as soon as she could~ I know that if she could, she’d tell me to keep writing and posting. ⠀ ⠀ SO, today I am posting the blog post on my 'An adrenaline fuelled local walk' that was meant to go up last Sunday. From here I aim to try and carry on as normal and continue posting on Sunday's. Therefore, my 'Learning through literature: what I read in June' post will be going up in a couple days. Please bare with me if things are a little clunky and less 'happy positive' as obviously this has been a massive shock. I did debate whether or not to even post this but I wanted to keep you in the loop with whats going on and not shy away from talking about grief, its something we all experience and I don't want to hide it from you. Therefore, I'm going to be real with you and continue writing as Nain would've wanted. She really was the most wonderful, selfless and kind person — she will always be a big inspiration to me. ⠀ Thanks for understanding and being wonderful readers 💕 A big thanks to those of you who have been so supportive recently (you know who you are ❤️) x

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Thanks all for being such amazing readers and being supportive at this time x