Hi all, how are you?

Welcome to September. Somehow it has already arrived and summer has gone past in a blur faster than normal, and we have survived our very first week.

Up until this year, all of my life I have associated September as being a fresh start and a new beginning to a new year. It’s the time I would normally be going back to school or University.

The lack of a stationary haul or downloading a new timetable is a bizarre realisation.

This routine I’ve had since I first started school up until my final year at university as a 21 year old has revolved around this point in the year being a new journey of… well … learning.

For many breaking away from this cycle must be really exciting, for me I feel a rather large sense of panic. I’m someone who likes to plan ahead, have a routine and a purposeful busyness.

Not knowing what or where I will be at the end of this month is daunting, but there’s the alternate fear surrounding the idea of still doing the same thing; job searching.

But then on the more positive flip side, the not knowing what is going to happen does bring an excitement of new beginnings still.

Just because I don’t know when or what I’ll being, it doesn’t mean the unknown it won’t happen at some point, it might be September it might not be.

Despite the unknown (which seems to just be adulthood) I do have some exciting things happening this month:

  1. I have been working with Wiltshire Masks on her blog and my first post was published on the site on Thursday. It’s all about fears and insecurities around wearing masks and getting used to social distancing. You can read more here

2. I’ve also been writing about sustainable periods and the accessibility of these products for Ladyburd magazine. This will be published later in the month.

3. My pitch on Sustainable fashion to the Everyday magazine has also been accepted so that will also be published soon.

4. And another writing thing. My interview with my lovely friend Riss about her experience with Crohn’s disease (which you might have already read/seen) is being published in Mouthy Magazine. Again, this also should be published this month.

Maybe I should take this as a sign that September 2020 is the beginning of my writing journey?

Whatever happens happens. It just feels a bit weird to have no proper plan! I guess that’s just life.

Thanks all for being lovely readers and following my weekly rambles.

Let me know in the comments what you are up to this September; are you going to uni? starting a new job? picking up a hobby? carrying on with the usual things? Let me know x

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