After MONTHS of not reading, I’m back on the hype!

It’s very unlike me to stop reading, but here I am (or there I was, rather).

Admittedly it look me forever to finish reading The Yearling, through no fault of the book.

I think I was reluctant to finish it as I found it on my bookcase and realised it was a book that my Nain had lent me before so passed away — I think I was clinging on to it a bit.

I put it down for a while, and until recently I eventually finished the last few chapters I had. I did really enjoy it (it was really interesting to read in terms of race and relationships– but that’s probably the inner English Lit student in me).

… But The Yearling isn’t the book this blog post is about.

My lovely friend Asia (Hi, if you’re reading) actually lent me a book which encouraged me to snap out of my ‘dry spell’ and encouraged me to finish The Yearling before starting hers.

So the book that pulled me out of me out of my reading ‘dry spell’ was The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena.

If anyone is struggling to get back into reading a thriller is deffo the way to go. It grips you, and is often fairly easy to read.

I ended up reading the majority of this book in a spare autumnal afternoon and I was buzzing to have dedicated so much time to reading — I’ve missed it!

The novel is essentially about a couple who go to their neighbours house for a dinner party.

Seems pretty normal right? Well no.

The couple leave their baby at their house and return every 30 mins to check on her, whilst monitoring her through a crack screened baby monitor.

See where this is going?

The baby gets kidnapped and the novel revolves around concluding what happened on the night of the dinner party.

Your daughter was sleeping when you checked on her last.

But now, as you race up the stairs in your deathly quiet house, your worst fears are realized. She’s gone.

An extract from the blurb of The Couple Next Door

It was a very gripping read for obvious reasons, and I highly recommend it.

Since finishing The Couple Next Door, my lovely friend Jess (Hi, if you’re reading) has lent me Behind her eyes and Beneath the Surface which I am excited to get stuck into.

I have no idea what either of them are about but I have no unread books on my bookcase and it’s fun to jump into a novel with no expectations!

With the evenings drawing in, and many cosy autumn days I’m sure I will get through these fairly quickly!

Excited to have my reading buzz back — a bit of escapism is good for the brain!

What have you been reading recently? Let me know in the comments