We have made it through yet another Christmas and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’ve still got a full tummy and a mountain of chocolate and biscuits to get through!

This year was different for all of us and I know I’m incredibly lucky in that I was able to spend the day with a bubble of 3 households. It was my parents, my Grandma and Uncle, and Myself (I count as a 3rd as I’m still temporarily living at my boyfriends family home.

I kept myself awake past my bedtime on Christmas Eve (which if you know me is a big challenge to do — I’m barely awake as I’m writing this at 10 to 9pm Boxing day with a herbal night time tea in my new Christmas mug) to sneak into my parents house at midnight.

I ignored the grumbling puppy who was in his cage and scooped my little rat pig (my longstanding nickname for my old lady of a jack Russell called Amber) and snuck her into my bedroom to be my hot water bottle for the night.

When we awoke on Christmas morning we did the usual Purvis Christmas morning antics. I think the dogs were more excited than any of us: Amber knew it was Christmas from the moment I picked up my stocking — I haven’t seen her move that quickly in MONTHS, she practically became a puppy. Padfoot (the actual puppy) very much seemed to enjoy Christmas day from the get go and has found a useful purpose of being a good shredder; he thoroughly made use out of every bit of discarded wrapping paper.

After the antics, we zoomed my brother who is still in New Zealand and had a lovely catch up before Mum and I got out on a glorious sunny day for a quick dog walk before everything needed cramming in the oven.

Before we knew it, 12 o’clock came round and my Grandma and Uncle Martin and their dog Rosie arrived and we all exchanged gifts amidst the chaos of 3 dogs who all enjoy Christmas a bit too much.

Then it was dinner, and the usual afternoon walk whereby we were graced with a BEAUTIFUL sky

Although it felt weird wearing masks and drying our hands out with antibac and redesigning the living room so we could keep 2 meters apart, it was so worth it for the pleasure of their company – and being able to chat with them without freezing our tits off outside in the cold – I’m so pleased and grateful for the fact that I got to spend Christmas with some of my family in my house!

We didn’t attempt a family photo this year, too many dogs, and too challenging to get everyone in shot whilst staying 2 meters apart so here is my favourite family picture from a few years ago that includes those who I wish could’ve joined us also:

I then went back to Wills and ate copious more amounts of cheese (Wensleydale and cranberry for the win) and swapped presents and just had a lovely chilled evening.

Sadly, we couldn’t do a ‘normal’ Boxing Day too but we sure did try to keep things normal as possible.

Mum and I met for a morning hike around the Gordano Round which our local national public footpath. We took some mince pies and some shortbread to begin depleting the pile, as well as a cuppa tea for when we arrived at cadbury camp

Despite the grey clouds and the muddy incident that we do not speak of (I’ll let the picture speak for itself) it was a really lovely walk

In the spirit of 2020 and trying to keep things normal, I collected my leftovers and took it back to wills house to heat up and then eat with Mum and Dad over face time

I hope whatever you managed to do you had a good couple of days. It was never going to be perfect (it never is on a normal year anyways), but we still managed to make some new memories and enjoy each others company.

So to conclude this blog post, Merry Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year too.

Thanks for reading.

Oh and before I completely finish this, I did take a few video clips from the last couple of days so keep your eyes peeled on the ol’ Insta for some festive reels.