Lack of control and the fear of the unknown are all reasons why we as humans are often reluctant to accept change.

We like to be in the drivers seat of our own lives and know the roads we will take to get to the destination.

But that doesn’t always go to plan.

Bumps in the road will always occur (unless you are an insanely lucky person), some you can prepare for, and many are welcomed in the end as retrospect — I’ve learnt a lot of things the hard way, but sometimes that’s better; I’ve learnt from my experience.

Even though change can arguably only do us good, Forbes found that only “38% of people like to leave their comfort zone”.

It is scary, the unknown is somewhat unpredictable, you can’t always know for certain if the change will positively or negatively impact you.

And by leaving your comfort zone, you are changing your routine and habits in which you have been practising for months, maybe even years. Leaving what you know can make you feel out of control.

And oh boy can I relate.

I’ve had a lot of change in my life recently. I graduated in what was at first seemingly the unemployable class of 2020 (so glad that did change), I’ve spent a lot of time applying to internships and jobs and moving between them, our routines have been uprooted by covid, and recently I’ve changed part time jobs to focus more on my writing and finding more opportunities and clients.

You grow and learn new things every time something changes. You discover new insights about different aspects of your life. You learn lessons even from changes that did not lead you to where you wanted to be

Changing jobs and routines was an incredibly big deal for me. I like to know where I stand every morning and I did adjust to the new routine fairly quickly.

I’m also soon to be moving out of my boyfriends parent’s house back to my Mum and Dad’s (hi if you’re reading, please still have me back). It was a temporary plan to be living at Will’s to make sure that we were being sensible with covid restrictions and abiding to them, but now it is seemingly safe for me to move between the two, we have made the decision for me to move out.

And it seems silly to be nervous about this change when I grew up in that house with my parents for 18 years and then came back in term breaks from uni. I have always called it my home because it is… but when you haven’t lived there for now over a year and you’ve rarely legally been allowed to stay overnight it feels different.

The idea of starting a new job and moving back home really threw me off for a few days, but I’ve begun to think of it as a fresh start. Hopefully it is a fresh perspective and working in a new environment both at the part time job and working from home, maybe I’ll have and exciting new creative buzz. I guess that the positive and negative thing showing itself here, we won’t know if I’m more productive and creative at home or at Will’s until we get there.

Things will work themselves out though, they always do, just sometimes the journey is longer than expected.. but again we will learn and grow from that so there will always be a positive outcome to it in some shape or form.

The last few weeks I’ve slowly been moving clothes and other belongings back across and giving my room a good sort out… and as someone who loves organising and being in control, having a sort out and preparing for moving back has MASSIVELY helped me regain some of that.

I know that moving back with my parents will be lovely, they are 2 of my favourite humans and they have 2 cute dogs, but the limbo between now and then feels unsettling and my brain likes to play what if’s on me… like what if we went into another lockdown, or what if the space won’t be good for mine and wills relationship, or what if my parents get fed up with me being at home after I’ve been gone for so long (I do know they don’t think this, but Brain -pun intended- likes to play tricks on me).

Change is unknown and that can be scary, but it is a fresh new start too. There are a lot of positives coming out of my current changes and changes that have happened to me throughout my whole life. Going to uni was a change and I loved it, changing part time jobs is working out well for me, adapting to a new routine is exciting and grants me a perspective on a different way of living my ordinary working life.

Without change there is no adventure in life.

Simple changes in your lifestyle can give you the chance to reset and have a fresh start. You don’t have to wait until the New Year to have a fresh start and new goals. Change might just bring some brand new possibilities.

I’m looking forward to and enjoying my fresh starts that have occurred in the last few months. Some of it I couldn’t have imagined happening, some of it was inevitable, but all the same it’s a chance to have a little new beginning and feel as though I’m starting a new chapter in my life.

How do you feel about change?