As not just a freelancer, but as a freelance copywriter this is one question I get a lot, but the answer is one that I don’t like to give a straight forward answer to.


Well because; everyday, every piece, every client, every topic, is different.

Simply I could say; Clients come to me with a project and ask me to write it for them.

But why would I want to say that when each project, brief, discussion, style, research process is different and specific to each?

That’s why I love the world of copywriting so much, it’s so varied, and I get to learn as I go: When I get approached and asked to write a piece on a business, or a charity, or write a case study, or a blog for a company; it’s always a brand new piece on a whole new topic.

I’m always learning, adapting my tone and style to reflect the client, and engaging in a new topic.

So how does it work?

Once I receive a brief from the client I research the topic and freshen up my knowledge and get inspired by what information is already out there and start to develop my own original ideas for the piece.

Then, I look to the client; what the tone and style will they want piece to be, and what outcomes from the piece do they want. This could be engagement on social media or a blog that directs customers to their website towards a sale or using particular keywords and phrasing.

When I’m happy with my research, and that the angle I’m taking suits the client, I get creative and enjoy the pace of writing.

From thoughts in my head, to words on my laptop screen in front of me; watching a piece evolve with the purpose of connecting with a reader in someway is always an excitement and why I love my copywriting side hustle!

So yeah, that’s what I do ….

If you are looking for a copywriter, please do get in touch. I’d love to discuss what you’re looking for and help create a flourishing bit of copy for you and your readers.

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