Would you believe I have a blog?

Somehow, an entire season has gone by since I last posted.

My last blog was the final instalment of our trip around New Zealand in Wellington… I posted it in January.

So, although now battling an ickle bit of blogging imposter syndrome, I want to come back on the blog!

And what better way to start than by talking about WHY I blog.

When I blog as a freelancer, and my favourite working days in the office are when I’m uploading blog content or news stories, you might wonder WHY I also have my own blog.

Practising my skills

Writing (in whatever form) is great for refining your writing skills.

It’s not always going to be a masterpiece, but I believe taking the time to put thoughts into words is a really important part of growing your skillsets as a writer.

Showing another side of me

For clients who come to my website, not only can they view a portfolio of my professional and published works, but they can also see another aspect and variety of what I can write. And, visitors can also see who I am before they decide if they want to work with me.

But really, it’s simply because I enjoy it!

Putting my thoughts together, whether it be for a rant-y ramble, or a ramble about my most recent adventure, gives me so much time for reflection and processing what’s going on in my bubble right now.

I started my blog before I had any aspirations for writing for small businesses or magazines, I did it for me!

In a world so visually focused – and our attention spans so short that we are drawn to images and videos – I want to keep my love for the English language alive, and capture my thoughts, feelings, and adventures, in more than just my camera roll or my Instagram page.

Blogs are a great business tool, but for me, they are more than that: Blogs are a hobby and an expression or recount on my life.

Do you have a blog?