That really flew by but I’ve made some amazing memories along the way. Even though this year almost broke me at times, as my grades went all over the place from my course getting harder (I’ve now got them back on track with my results from the end of this semester), I had a brilliant year.

It was my first year in a student house (golly I was glad to be out of halls) AND I frikin’ loved it. I also have been climbing more and with A&E (adventure and Expo society) went on trips to Dartmoor and the Brecon Beacons. My housemates are the best and I’ve got some really lovely friends in Plymouth who really made this year great.

So here is a little summary of my second year at Plymouth University. I’m sure I’ve shared most of these photos at some point here on the blog so don’t be surprised if you recognise some of these, but I wanted to collect them all together and make a little photo diary summary of my second year. I hope you enjoy this style of post

Autumn semester 2018

At the start of term I actually ventured on a few nights out. Looking back on this now seems crazy as I’ve since embraced the Grandma lifestyle and am in bed about 10:30, nights out now are sparse!

The Dartmoor trip with A&E was great, I’ve loved being able to get out more this year and see Dartmoor by foot… climbing the tors was an added bonus.

We also got a bit Halloween happy this year!

And at the end of the term we got a bit Christmas happy too with cocktail nights and wine and cheese nights

Spring term 2019

And I had my 20th birthday in Plymouth and it was such an ‘Abi day’, we went climbing in the morning and played games in the evening- perfect day.

This year has been great for exploring Plymouth a bit more and catching some amazing sunsets and relaxing on the house sofa

I love being so close to the sea, i find it such a relaxing setting which is perfect when the sun comes out! I’m already missing these views!

My highlights of this year (other than living with my some of my best mates) deffo include; all my climbing trips to the life centre, the ridiculous sized chip that was bigger than Bekah’s face, the many visits from Will, I also had some visits from my fam and Asia, and my short story being PUBLISHED! Sometimes its the small silly things but in all seriousness overall this year has been great and I look forward to many new memories being made in my final year in September.

I hope you enjoyed this little random summary of my year at uni- I’m sure there are things I’ve missed off, but these were the photos I had on my phone that I wanted to share. Now to enjoy the summer break before it all starts again!