It was a last min trip but totally worth it. I went to go visit Hannah at her uni as it was my turn to make the journey after she visited me in Plym in Feb 2018 (I documented this in a blog post at: So a year and a bit later I went to bham.

This was a couple weeks ago now but on Friday 7th June I went up to Bham, it was …. wet. It was a very soggy day but nonetheless a very good day.

Hannah took me round the local attractions including the Birmingham museum and art gallery, and the big HUGE library which a had an awesome secret garden on the roof


I deffo recommend visiting these places if you are ever in Birmingham. From Bristol bus station it only took an hour and a half on the National express bus and from memory I think my ticket was only about £15. And, I’m sure it would be even better if you catch it on a day when its not bucketing down with rain! The museum and the library and the bus station were all walking distance from each other (probs about 10 mins)

She then took me on a lunch date to Wagamama’s which somehow I had never been to before! I never thought it would be my type of food as I have a weird thing about eating rice after a vomming experience when I was young (LONG STORY) but it was actually amaze. I had a vegan ramen vegetable stew type thing. Not gonna lie, I’m already thinking about when I can next get a Waga’s, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this all this time. I have to admit that the chopsticks didn’t last long and I switched to a fork :/ So if ya do go to Bham, I am recommending you go to Waga’s if you need a food stop.

We then did a bit of mooching about the shops in the shopping centre to try and avoid the rain before heading back on the train to Hannah’s house (in Selly oak if that means anything to you).

In the evening I got to watch the play that Hannah was directing called Love and Information by Caryl Churchill which was amaze. It was 50 odd scenes about love and I found it hilarious. Hats off to Hannah (and the cast, but most importantly Hannah because I’m biased).

The following day I also got to watch Hannah’s improv rehearsals for a show they were doing later that day. I’d seen an improv performance from them before in Edinburgh last summer (which is featured on this blog post: ). I had a great time watching, I have no idea how they can act out scenes that well on the spot, it’s so fun to watch.

On the uni campus there was also the annual proms so I got to watch my pal Cameron perform in multiple things throughout the day with his Mum who kindly gave me a lift back home that evening. My Chummy Rose also came an joined us a few times in the day which was lovely to catch up with her

Thanks Hannah (if you’re reading) for having me and being my tour guide around Birmingham, it was a lovely almost 48 hours.