(Disclaimer: Photos are screenshots from Now Tv, BBC Iplayer, Netflix, and channel 4; and photos I have taken whilst watching)

Game of Thrones season 8: I can’t believe it’s all over. Despite a lot of uproar on social media and viewers seemingly disappointed I rather enjoyed this series. Whatever the ending no one was going to be totally happy with it but there were some epic battles in this series and I loved it! Now it’s just waiting for the prequel to come out

Chernoybl: I’ve been loving this series! I find disasters like this incredibly interesting and this series tries to include all the facts as accurate possible when recreating the events at Chernobyl in 1986. It heroically shows the amount of humanity and human sacrifice people like the plant workers and miners and fire fighters made to reduce the huge consequences of the nuclear plant explosion. This series has had some amazing reviews and it is well deserved. This is one of my all time fave series. I need to re-watch it before my Now TV subscription expires, it’s that good!

The Handmaid’s Tale: I read the novel by Margaret Atwood over a years ago (which I loved) but the TV series goes beyond the novel and continues the story. Normally I think things should follow the novel and stop where it stops but not this time! the TV series continues the terrifying story of a handmaid and I have been gripped the whole time. The premise of the plot is that society has gone backwards and women are treated as inferior to men and are to worship them. The handmaid is introduced to replenish the declining population as many women are sterile and the handmaidens are introduced to a married couple and forced and used a vessel for couple to have a child. It is dark and yet somehow foreseeable as even now in parts of America women’s rights are being reduced following the new laws against abortion. ANYWAYS on a lighter note this is a brilliant series and I loved every minute of watching it (it kept me busy in my first couple weeks of summer when all it did was rain). If you want to read a book review I did on it a long time ago it’s over on the old blog site at: https://aabigailp.wixsite.com/abislifeinwriting/blog/the-handmaid-s-tale

Free Solo: Holy Guacamole I love this film. I finally got Will to watch it (giving me the excuse to watch it again). If you haven’t seen it yet and you are remotely interested or intrigued by climbing… what are you doing? Go watch it! It is filmed in such a way that even if you are a novice to climbing and know nothing about it, it all makes sense and it carries you on a journey with Alex Honnald. I love it.

The Rain: This is another one that I’ve been watching for my dissertation research into the dystopian genre on environmentally related disasters. It has been an intense watch about a virus carried by the rain which has killed many and follows the life of the survivors.

Killing Eve: This is another of my all time favourites. I loved the first series when it came out last year and the second series did not disappoint. It brilliantly picks up 30 seconds after the events of the final episode in series and continues from there. AMAZING.

So that concludes what I’ve been watching and loving over the last couple months (as you can tell I’ve had a fair amount of spare time on my hands). Let me know in the comments if you’ve been loving any of these. Happy binge watching to anyone who now wants to watch some of these!

Enjoy the rest of the sunny weekend!