My inner Grandma got to come out again a few weeks ago as I went to Dyrham park. I love visits to National Trust parks. Not only are they historical but they are beautiful locations for a little wander. A few weeks ago Will took me to Dyrham park which is a 17th Century house and garden.

As you walk down to the park you are welcomed by many many deer so of course all the ‘deer puns’ came out, No iDEER why….

And then the view of the house as you get near is amaze!

When we got there we had a little picnic in the courtyard in the sunshine which was nice but there was a much better spot which I’ll show you in min, but this is where we had lunch:

But really we should’ve made our hungry bellies be patient and eat at this beautiful lake/pond spot

As you can see from the charming photo of Will (#sorrynotsorry), we took a little nap here in the sun for about an hour, it was sooooo peaceful.

The house was also interesting to see, it was under renovation work so it wasn’t as it normally is but it was still great to look at some of the renaissance paintings and both get mistaken as art students! So it’s deffo worth the visit if you are near by

Rather than me trying to describe where it is cause the best I’d be able to describe is that it’s somewhere between Bristol and Bath just off the motorway… helpful right? :L So here’s a google map location:

Either way the national trust website is always helpful in telling you how to get there

Let me know if you’ve been here, or if you’ve got any recommendations of where to go next (Lacock Abbey is on my list), AND if you want to see more posts like this.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and not getting too burnt!