Sometimes it’s easy to forget to appreciate the small things,

spontaneous moments or just seeing what an evening brings.

There’s no need to go to bars or have big nights out,

so why not try an night in instead of a night out.

I know it seems silly but it’s easy to forget that small casual plans can actually end up being some of the best times. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that a fun evening involves going out somewhere new and drinking cocktails when really all you need is good company.

On Thursday night myself and my friends Amy and Rosie were planning to meet up, originally we were going to go to a pub somewhere in Clevedon. Instead we ended up making our own pizzas, enjoying a few casual drinks and having all of the laughs. We just talked about everything and had a good time.

I hadn’t planned on making the evening into a blog post its more that I wanted to talk about how the spontaneous but small casual plans can be just as good. When you go on a night out there is all this pressure to dress up nice, get a bit boozy, and have the best time ever. But without a doubt (in my opinion) a night in with friends just having a catch up is way better. It’s made me realise to appreciate the small things and live in the moment a bit more, rather than plan out that an evening is going to be fun. I hope that makes sense- basically just see where the evening takes you just knowing you are meeting two friends and leaving the rest up to fate.

I hope you enjoyed my ramble, I just wanted to share my appreciation for my lovely friends and chilled out plans.

I have to say, we did feel very grown up making dinner and having life chats – maybe I really am growing up!