On route to London… well Technically Hertfordshire, to stay with 2 of my lovely uni housemates Harry and Ellie, (before we flew out to Jersey to see my other lovely housemate Josh and friend Riss) myself and my parents went to the Vyne.

I have to say this is one of my fave National trust places (wow I really do sound like an old lady). I’ve actually been to the Vyne before with Will almost a year ago when we came to Basingstoke to look at cricket *stuff he wanted (*as you can tell I was only there for the NT visit). So when the parents wanted to find a place to stop on route to Harry and Ellie’s I was keen to go back. And here be why. It’s so beautiful LOOK At the gardens 👀

Look at the wild flowers here 😍^

The house was also really cool, a lot of the rooms were from different centuries. Some were typical late Victorian rooms whereas others were very much Tudor was a very interesting mix.

I can tell how much I enjoyed going round the house as I actually took photos indoors which I don’t normally do

The library here was going under some work where they were checking the conditions in which the books were in which was pretty cool to see

Another room I loved was the print room. Apparently It was common of the time to stick prints up all across the wall as wallpaper. Look how effective and cool it is

If you are interested in visiting the house and grounds yourself all the details are on the national trust website linked here: The Vyne https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/the-vyne it’s in Basingstoke/Hampshire so if you’re not local it’s a bit of a trek but it’s an good idea stopping place if you get a sat nav better than ours that’ll finds actual roads not country lanes!

Let me know if there are any NT places you think I should review next. Hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine last week! See you all next Sunday with another post (probably on my holiday in jersey) x

Ps. If you wanted to see photos from it when I went before it featured over on the old blog in an autumn post. Here’s the link and a couple of photos I loved from seeing the vyne in autumn https://aabigailp.wixsite.com/abislifeinwriting/blog/autumn-is-deffo-here

As you can tell it looks totally different in the autumn (I alway prefer autumn cause it’s my fave season). Anyways I’ll stop rambling on and let you enjoy the rest of your Sunday whatever you may be up to. Thanks for reading x