It’s been a longggggg time since I last went to the Harry Potter studio tours. I was lucky enough that Will bought us tickets as a birthday present for me back in March. And oh boy was it good! I am a very lucky girlfriend 🙂

It is the best present for any lover of Harry Potter like myself. I think that this trip was my fourth time (so yes, it is that good).

Here’s a little video of short snippets of our day just to get ya started and set the tone:

As I flew back to London Luton Airport from Jersey (a Jersey blog post is in the making I promise) on Wednesday We stayed the night in a hotel in Luton which made my life much easier. Which meant Poor William then had the drive to meet me at the hotel by his lonesome- thanks Will ❤️

We had a bit of a dramatic time getting dinner though! We decided to be lazy and get a takeaway that we could eat in the room so we went to collect a dominoes…. sounds normal right? No. There was this guy in there having a go at all the staff demanding pizza and getting really iffy about everything (he was clearly under the influence of one thing or another) so we got out of there as quickly as possibly with out pizzas! Respect to the staff there though who handled it really well!

Anyways back to Harry Potter: So from Luton on Thursday morning Will Drove us to Watford/Leavesden which is where the tour is and I was buzzing!

The tour was amazing and there were new sets and the layout of somethings had changed since I had last been so it was just as exciting as the times I had been before!

If you’ve been before you’ll know that the tour involves seeing bits of props and some of the actual sets but it is also incredibly interactive. There are things like learning how to duel, sitting on a broom stick in a green screen room, lifting a broom stick like below:

OH and when you go on the broom they give you a cloak to wear… I may or may not have wanted to keep it

And some of the new set instillations like the Forbidden Forest and Gringotts bank are also very interactive using moving model creatures and animals as well as special effects … I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it.

There are also many oppotunities to take photos within sets or by them to look like you’re in the film which I LOVED . I was a bit gutted though as I had forgotten to pack spare batteries for my Polaroid camera (which I only use on special occasions) and it died on me as I tried to take the first one! I’ll have to use my fave LALALAB photo app to print some Polaroid style to make up for it.

These are some of my faves:

Thanks to Will for being the best and treating me to the most awesome birthday present. And thanks to you for reading (and looking at the many many photos we took) x

If any of you are interested in going the link to the Warner Bros website is here :

It took us over 3 hours to walk round so make sure you allow plenty of time 🙂