How Autumnal is it getting now? I love it! (think I might do a post next week full of all things autumn so keep ya eyes peeled for that)

Despite catching freshers flu, this week has been incredibly productive which is gooooddd but that’s all uni work so I have none of that to really show you. BUT embarrassing photos on the other hand….

On Friday it was the annual Dodgeball ‘D social’: Myself, Will and Josh went as Dancers, Ellie went as a Deer, and Harry went as a Drag Queen. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves; ENJOY

On Saturday I went to the cutest new brunch place in Plymouth called the Early Bird. I’m so annoyed at myself for not taking photos of the interior because it was just so cute and cosy in there (guess maybe that’s an excuse to go back) I did however take a photo of my food- HOW yummy does this look!

The atmosphere in there is lovely and cosy but would fit summer just as much as autumn and winter. There was funky book cases and cool lamps and lots of plants. Love love loved it. Here’s a link to the trip advisor page if you wanted to take a closer look:

Then Will and I had a bit of a chill one (you can tell I’m not used to nights out!) and watched a climbing film from Reel Rock called “Dodo’s Delight” – if you’ve seen it you know how amazing it is. And then we watched “how to train your dragon”.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day too but I did manage to get Will and Josh bouldering with me

Will has since gone home but as always; I’ve loved having him visit ❤️

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I’ll hopefully see you next Sunday with an Autumn-y post*. Thanks for reading x

*if you’ve got any ideas or things you want to see on the blog that’s autumn related please let me know, I’ve already had a couple of ideas but I’m always up for suggestions