Overwhelming. Exciting. Busy.

I moved back into my student accommodation with on the 21st September. My mum and brother had dropped me off and we went to Boston Tea Party for Vegan breakfast (the best place to get it) and then did a spot of climbing and I actually gave lead climbing a go. I only got 5 clips up but I was thinking I’d only get 3 so I am still over the moon about it!!!

Then after they left I had the best weekend just chilling at the house and around plymouth with my house mates.

On Monday I had my first dissertation lecture of the year. Overwhelming. So many dates and things to do all by April/May. But IT WILL BE FINE. I then had my first lectures on Tuesday which all went okay and seem like the modules will be good (I’m doing Modernism and Short Story). Then there have been no seminars this week so I’ve been to the library getting ahead with reading and dissertation research. Nothing particularly exciting. Just standard prep for a busy term.

So the exciting stuff: Climbing

Before I came back to uni my brother was at home (this is a rare occasion). So Mum and I took advantage of his climbing abilities and went trad climbing outdoors. If you follow me on instagram @abislifeinwriting you might have seen some photos already. https://www.instagram.com/abislifeinwriting/?hl=cs

So the first we place we went to was Sandpoint in Weston

The next was Symonds Yat in Ross on Wye

Then my favourite. Portishead black rock quarry (its so cool having a nice slab of rock so close to home to use)

I think that’s us all back and up to date. See you next week with a new blog post. If you can’t wait for that then last week I posted a Jersey blog post which you can read if you haven’t already: https://abislifeinwriting.home.blog/2019/09/20/giving-it-a-go-in-jersey-2019/