SORRY SORRY SORRY it’s taken me soooo long to post this and I didn’t post one last weekend but here’s a super long early one to make up for it . It’s a good un’

So I didn’t fall out with my first year uni mates and we all survived living together in second year so we decided we go back to Jersey and holiday together again 🙂 Our 2018 trip can be seen on the old blog following this link:

So a little introduction to those of you who don’t know who these people are. From left to right we have: Harry, Ellie, Josh, Riss, and me.

It feels like such a long time ago that we went so things are probably going to be in the wrong order and a bit jumbled but, lets just roll with it cause otherwise I’ll never upload this and my family are nagging to see it so they can see all the photos (HI family if you’re reading)

Pre Jersey I went to stay at the lovely Harry and Ellie’s part of the world. My parents were amazing and dropped me in Watford (after visiting The Vyne which I also did a blog post on at: ) and then Harry and Ellie kindly picked me up and I stayed there for a couple of days where we found some bargin charity shop steals, went to some lovely cafes, and some little walks in the sweltering heat.

Then we flew to Jersey from Luton Tuesday evening. For those of you who aren’t aware I get incredibly anxious about busy airports and flying but, I’m pleased to say the flight went fairly well, (both ways). I’m over the moon about it, and have Harry and Ellie to thank for being amazing distractions

When we landed and arrived at Josh’s house we ate so much amazing pizza (pizza quarter you are my fave pizza place, yes that means over dominoes ❤️) and drank rosé by the fire having a good lil’ catch up before we crashed and went to bed.

Looking at the dates on my photos I believe the next day we had a cheeky lil paddle board in the late morning and then went to a beach in Gorey for a spot of lunch and messed about there for a while

I think this was the evening we then went to watch Josh play a football match. Now as a very competitive person who enjoys sport it’s kinda surprising that I don’t really enjoy watching sport unless it’s I’m watching Will play cricket or apparently also my friends playing sport. Lets just start by saying I got a little invested in this football game. (FYI: my football terminology is not on point so you’ll have to deal with this rubbish description of what actually happened on the pitch). So to set the scene I think the score was 1-1 and Josh’s team had control of the football so we were all cheering for them to get it in the goal, or at least near it. Then out of nowhere number 11 (maybe) made a break for it with the ball and we were all cheering but everyone sorta stopped when it was just him on his own and the other defenders were swarming in on him…. Out of nowhere when everyone else was quiet seeing as it looked like a lost cause for a goal at that particular moment (I even shocked myself) I screamed to him “JUST GIVE IT A GO!”. Needless to say I turned a few heads of the strangers near us and the others all laughed at me deciding that I sounded as though I could be his supportive encouraging mother. Despite my supposed ‘mother-like cheering’ the goal was not scored and “Just give it a go” became the phrase of the holiday and I will inevitably be bullied for it forever from them all.

The next morning Riss and I were early risers (well compared to the others) and sat outside with Timmy the tortoise for some morning reading

And we then went to what will now always been known as …. ~dramatic pause and ‘dun-dun-dun’ noises ~ “The weaver fish beach” as Ellie got stung. BUT it was the most beautiful beach in Saint Ouen. There was so much coastline, and an amazing stretch of cliffs, and the sea was so blue and it was sunny, and there were cool caves.

This beach and the next day (keep reading to see what I’m on about) have changed my mind about Jersey, which Josh will he pleased to hear: Jersey is now, in my opinion, nicer than Gurnsey. This will be a controversial statement for my family to read as my parents love Gurnsey and had their honeymoon there (sorry Mum and Dad).

In the evening we then went out for dinner and caught one of the most amazing sunsets

The next day was my FAVOURITE. Before we left, all I was told was we were going to a little island south of Jersey towards France and I thought, ‘Oh cool, we are going to a little patch of rocks in the ocean that’ll be kinda cool’. So we got on Tim’s boat and went further and further out into the ocean ….

Then we slowed down and, not gonna lie, all there was were a few rocks and then we stopped the boat sorta near them and I thought “nice”. Then a little patch of sand appeared and the sea level started getting lower and before long a rather large sand bank had appeared. LOOK HOW COOL!

We literally spent hours and hours paddle boarding round what’s called the Minquiers. We messed about on them trying to do yoga and headstands which Ellie actually nailed. But I’ve only managed to steal a video off Riss of them failing!

We later moved on to an actual island which I can’t remember the name of, but it had the most southerly toilet in the UK on it which of course I had to squeeze a wee into just to say that I’ve used it!

And then upon our return the lads gave water skiing a go. I decided not to give it a go as my ankle was a bit dodgey still and I was in warm clothes (excuses excuses… I know)

The next two days revolved around the music festival in Jersey called Weekender. We saw Ella Eyre, Deacon Blue, Clean Bandit, Lewis Capaldi, Tom Grennan, and Bastille. There’s not really too much to explain but here are some photos and a rubbish montage of videos of our weekend:

Day one:

Day 2:

After the busy weekend we went surfing!!! I can confirm that I gave it a go and stood up briefly (and very quickly fell off) a few times

After lunch we then went playing in the sand dunes

And then we caught the sunset

Riss left early the next day but for the rest of us it was our last day and we went to Rozel beach. The boys did a spot of pier jumping and then we had a hot choccie and a spot of brekkie.

And in the evening we went out for a Thai meal and then came back and drank some lots of wine and had a lovely last evening together

So that concludes Jersey 2019. Thanks to Josh and his family for homing us for a week. AND thankyou Harry, Ellie, Josh, and Riss for such a lovely time and being brilliant company .

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

I believe Ellie will soon be uploading a vlog of our trip on her youtube channel, so I will link them as an edit when she does it down here (if it’s blank she hasn’t done it yet) :