This is a quick lil’ blog post just to share some photos from last weekend on Dartmoor with Adventure and Expo. Although, most unlike me, I didn’t take all that many photos, I was too busy being outside and enjoying being in the moment so I’ll share with you what I do have of the views (and the ones where my friends snuck in).

On Saturday we started off from Plymouth University and walked all the way to the edge of Dartmoor: Saugh Prior. I have been there a couple times before to go climbing at the Dewerstone so it was awesome to not only go there again, but walk there from campus. It was about 16 miles. AND it didn’t rain!!! I was very lucky we weren’t in the middle of the boggy moors in the rain as when I put my walking boots on I notices they’ve split at the toes so my left foot would’ve defiantly got wet, I don’t think they are salvageable 😦 Looks like I need to buy some new walking boots ASAP

The second photo here shows my lovely view from where I had a wild wee if anyone was interested in that little fact

We then camped outside dewerstone hut ( ) and it was a COLD night. I was in a t-shirt, and hoodie, and my RAB winter fleece, and thick leggings, and two pairs of socks and a woolly hat, and a pair of gloves: COLD! But worth it. We were at this lovely spot by the river (which every time I woke up in the night I kept thinking was heavy rain, but alas it was just the river)

Sunday morning was a trip to Hound Tor with the intent to do lots of climbing…I did some. I really struggle to grip when the rock gets so cold so I kept falling off the routes cause my hands didn’t want to hold on any longer. Was nice to get halfway up a couple before my hands froze though.

I’ve missed being in the moor, a lot. I think I’m going to have to plan a solo trip there sometime soon. Just need to find some time and have some more trust in Devon public transport… and try to fix my walking boots!

I hope you enjoyed this super speedy run down of last weekend. See you with a new post next week. Thanks for reading.

ps. did you catch last weeks Autumn blog post, if not you can follow the link to it here: