So continuing from my Autumn loving blog post ( ) about loving the cosiness of the season, I’ve been keeping myself cosy by relaxing with a book in the evenings. I quickly finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone: I defiantly underestimated how quickly I would read it

And so for the last week I’ve had at uni – before I go home for my reading week and pick up the next Harry Potter books – I took myself to Waterstones to pick up a new book.

So when looking for the book I was looking for something that wasn’t too tense as I want to relax in the evenings, but also something interesting enough that I would actually read it. But then also something straightforward enough that I could put it down and pick it up whenever …without being confused as to what had happened before.

I found the perfect book. And unusually it is not my ‘normal’ type of book to read.

So I guess I’d describe it as a romance book …but its not the mushy book you (or certainty I do) expect when you hear ‘romance novel’. It’s about two friends, who their social class dictates should not be friends, becoming more than friends. In a friends with benefits sort of way but with actual emotional connection. It follows their journey through school, college and adult life, facing the challenges that life brings them separately and apart… except they always seem to end up coming back to each other. They both have huge personal issues but they find solace in each other. It’s got a weird and unusual tone to it that makes it different and well worth the read.

Again even from this description it is not the kind of book I would unusally ever pick up but I have been pleasantly surprised by it, it’s made me want to step outside of my usual reading realm more and see what else it out there.

Normal People has some amazing reviews and has won prizes, these are completely just! I don’t think this will be my last Sally Rooney book, her others also have some fab reviews and the reviews for this novel were certainty weren’t wrong; they were on point.

If you’re looking for an easy read, give this book a go. It has been perfect to sit and read whilst watching these amazing sunsets from my room; the best reading light, right?

If you’ve read this book please let me know in the comments what you thought!

See you next week.

(Meanwhile I’m about to start Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)