After starting at my Dartmoor map on my bedroom wall over the top of my laptop for the last couple of weeks while editing my assignments, it was finally time!

Last Sunday was a Ten Tors training walk for the 35’s which I had the absolute joys of training a team on.

I was actually a little nervous about being semi more responsible for the team than usual, but my navigation was actually all good and I manged to guide them and correct them on their mistakes so I was pretty chuffed (even though I knew I could do it I was worried I was gonna be a bit rusty). It also helped that the team were pretty on point with navigation and team work most of the way round.

So after getting up at 6 am and walking to the minibus meet point, we walked 11.6 miles starting and finishing at Prewley Moor.

This purple/blue line follows the line of the participant in my team who was carrying the tracker (as you can see there was a bit of a ‘dog leg’ before woodcock hill/hunt tor from when they almost went wrong):

The weather started a little rainy with some fog/mist as we walked from Sourton Tor, Hunt Tor, and Kitty Tor. AND oh man it was bitterly cold in the wind, I can’t remember the last time I’ve walked in that many layers.

But as we past Kitty Tor and headed west towards Nodden Gate it finally brightened up and it was a lovely day

It mostly stayed that way on the North return journey back over Sourton to Prewley Moor (apart from a short heavy shower where we rushed to put our waterproof trousers on and after a couple mins the sun came right back out – was not worth the rush)

Then when we made it back to the minibus I put my sore feet up (from my new walking boots which I deffo should’ve tried to walk in more before the walk), demolished the last of my sugary food and had a kip on the drive home.

My evening then consisted of cleaning my kit (which as you can see got the bath tub just a tad muddy) and getting an early night!

The rest of this week consisted of editing essays and submitting my assignments and going on a short road trip (with Rebekah to see Lily in Northampton) which I’ll be sharing with you next weekend!

I hope you’ve all had a good week! x