So as the tittle suggests I had a day trip to Northampton!

So let me introduce you (although I’m sure you’ve seen them on here before) to Lily and Rebekah.

Rebekah and I made our way up to Northampton, avoiding many MANY pot-holes, and picked up Lily. Lily acted as or tour guide for the day, and took us to the best bookshop I’ve ever seen in Weedon: The Booksmith

It was located in a Depot hidden amongst a few antique shops. Honestly I could’ve spend hours in there if it wasn’t so cold! I also had to try soooo hard not to buy books as I have lots to read before I go back to uni. But seriously it was like a little goldmine. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area… just take lots of layers. So many little jems hidden away

Then we hid from the rain and grabbed some lunch in the local Heart of England pub. I was too excited by my meatless plant based burger to take a pic of it -it was good, but a bit meaty for me if that’s possible for a vegan burger? – so here’s a photo of my pudding instead (and Rebekah’s HUUUUGGEEE slice of cheesecake- she deffo had the best portion to price value!). I had a vegan apple pie with coconut milk ice cream.

Then FINALLY the sun came out! and we made the most of it at Daventry Country Park.

The walk involved some budget ice skating as it was just a smidge muddy! we were leaving skid marks all over the place! how none of us (especially clumsy old me) fell over I have no idea! It made lots of giggles 😂

Then after warming up in the car and relaxing to ClassicFm, which Rebekah kindly shared with the whole of Daventry Aldi car park (the song was ‘The Great Escape’), we had a little wander around Daventry (or ‘Chaventry’ as Lily informed us), and then grabbed a much needed drink at #1 Coffee .

After a busy but very chilly day -why is the north so cold? ( I am aware it’s not NORTH north but it’s basically the north for me as I’m from Somerset/Bristol)- we returned to Lily’s where I befriended her cat Maisie and questioned whether I might slowly becoming a cat person.

Then it was time for another 2 hours in the car back to my house.

This was my mirror selfie in Lily’s bathroom after my panic wee of; ‘I’ve got 2 hours in the car!’

For someone who isn’t a fan of the physical travelling it actually went really quickly. Was lovely to have a proper catch up with Rebekah; when’s better for that, than a long car journey?

I had a great time with the girls -thanks guys if you’re reading!- and pottering around Northampton, but seriously if you are ever there; go to The BookSmith!

Thanks for reading x