Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes over the last week. I hope you are all doing well, I know it has been a difficult week for everyone. I’m going to keep this blog post and the ones from here on as normal as possible for a bit of escapism from Mr Covid-19 – and so I will be continuing with the content I had planned 🙂

I thought as this is a milestone birthday I’d share a bit of what I got up to and how I celebrated.

It’s kinda in 3 parts (Pizza Hut, then hiking, then bday cake, then out for lunch) so stick with it ☺️

The first ‘birthday thing’ I got up to was with my gorgeous friends Rebekah and Lily last Thursday (12th). I tried to bring the classiness in my outfit, with my brand new charity shop find coat…

But, we went to Pizza Hut for cocktails and Ice Cream. CLASSY I know.

We had a lot of fun there catching up since we hand them hung out as 3 of us since our day trip to Northampton !

And then Lily joked about a spontaneous trip to the arcade (which was just across the road). So guess what? We went…

We also gave the photo both a go but, as you can see, we kind of messed up – just a smidge!

(I stole this pic from Lily)

It was an evening full of giggles and acting like we were 12. I very much enjoyed. (Thanks gals if you are reading 😘)

Then on my actual birthday, I went for a hike in the Brecon Beacons with my lovely mother.

We did a 4 hour hike up and around Sugar loaf mountain. I got to try out my new camera (a Nikon D5600) so be ready to be bombarded with lots of pics (on this post and in the future as I play with it).

My badge reads: ’21 today! Officially a boring grown-up’
It was on a card from my lovely Auntie and Uncle and cousins (thanks x)

Then in the evening Will took me out for a lovely meal at The Priory, but I totally forgot to take any pics but here is a Polaroid of when we got back

And then we played a game of Exploding Kittens and had some birthday cake 😋

Then on the Tuesday I went out for a lovely lunch with my friend Asia and her woofer. She spoilt me to splitting a bottle of wine and some lovely gifts (thanks again Asia if you are reading x ). It was very quiet in there -probs thanks to Boris’ announcement the day before- so we had incredibly quick table service!

ANNNDDDD We finally introduced our two woofers to each other. I was feeling the love:

So that’s that. I’m officially OLD!

Thanks all for the lovely messages over the last week or so.

Also thanks for reading this weeks post and I hope you’ve enjoyed some higher quality images!