Hello all

If not now, when else is the perfect time for a spring clean ?

I’m sure I’m not alone, and that most households are taking advantage of our spare time to have a good sort out.

Admittedly my hand was kind of forced into having a sort out as I half moved out from uni on the 19th March so if you need some inspiration here’s a little tour of my now tidy room

Since redecorating my in December 2018 I’ve had drawers instead of a wardrobe as it opens up the space in my room (the mirror also helps to make the space feel bigger)

I have Bake off Stand up to cancer playing on my laptop & the balloon is there as it was my birthday recently, if you didn’t catch my birthday blog post you can read it here

But to utilise the drawer space I’ve adopted the Marie Kondo’s folding technique so it looks neat like this

I bought the drawers and bed from Ikea

And then I’ve moved my dresses and jumpers onto the rail in cupboard .

The boxes on top have my climbing bits and odd bobs in my them.

The drawers below have hats and gloves and hiking things in them.

And I’ve even had chance to sort through my book cases and make sure they all fit in

I think both bookcases were from Argos (but I’ve had them for a long time so not 100% sure)

It’s nice to have my houseplants back too!

And after bringing back all my pics that were stuck up on my uni walls I’ve added them to my mirror. I love seeing all these happy memories as I’m getting ready in the morning.

Final thing to show you is my organisers. I’ve got a weekly planner, my deadlines and my to do tasks to keep me on track. Even if you don’t have work to do I recommend having a list up to keep you motivated and full of things to do so you have things to achieve and can’t say you have nothing to do.

I hope this motivates you to have a sort out. Tidy space = happy mind (or whatever the saying is)

Keep busy all and stay healthy x

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been getting up to!

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