Hi all,

I hope you’ve all been keeping your spirits up. It’s been a weird few weeks with lots of ups and downs, but here we are. I’ve been managing to keep myself busy with uni work and my dissertation (which is almost done!!!).

In the first week of lockdown I decided to keep my spirits up I decided to have a quick little baking session making some vegan brownies.

You can find the recipe here

So let’s get baking!

First I melted the butter and chocolate together with the Soya milk and lemon juice

Then added all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt) and poured it into my baking tray

But umm … as you can tell it looked a bit sad in there. I had halved the ingredients – and didn’t use walnuts- as I didn’t have enough in the house (I blame corona)

I decided to cook them as cupcakes instead

And then popped them in the oven for 20 mins

on the top shelf was Mum’s shepherds pie that she cooked for our dinner

I gave them a bit of 10 year old style icing with some icing sugar mixed with Oat milk and then I poured hundreds and thousands on top

I’ve since been baking other things, including Hot Cross buns which I uploaded on Instagram:

I’ve also uploaded on Instagram a time lapse of baking Hot Cross buns

Let me know if you plan on baking this or have been baking anything else whilst in lockdown.

I also did another keeping yourself busy post called Spring Cleaning in lockdown a couple weeks ago if you want to check that out!

Keep well x