It’s so important to reduce our waste to reduce our impact on the environment and this can also be done through our clothes. By reusing clothes we are reducing the effects of their production and consumption on the environment (be it the use of chemical when making the clothes or pollution cause by them getting them to your front door).

Sustainable fashion, as I understand it, is reusing materials for an ecological purpose. This can be using hand-me-downs, or going to a charity shop, or you can upcycle them by making new clothes out of old ones.

“More than 60 percent of fabric fibers are now synthetics, derived from fossil fuels, so if and when our clothing ends up in a landfill (about 85 percent of textile waste in the United States goes to landfills or is incinerated), it will not decay.”

New York Times (Tatiana Schlossberg)

Fast fashion from online websites can be just as polluting as driving a car. So by reducing my shopping habits (for the environment and for my bank account) I’m not feeding into the consumerist damage*

“The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second.”

Business Insider (Morgan Mcfall-Johnsen

*obviously I still buy brand new items from these shops for particular events or needs but I always try a charity shop first .

Over the last year and a bit I’ve tried to reduce the amount of clothes I buy but also when I do buy clothes I try to be reusable.

Who knows if Plymouth just have the best charity shops but the majority of the time I have a wonder round Mutley Plain Oxfam or cancer research I normally end up leaving the shop with something.

Now as this is a growing collection I can only estimate how much these items were as funnily enough I don’t remember the price of something I bought almost a year ago without the price tag (which you’ll be pleased to know I don’t keep because I’m not a hoarder ). I’m don’t think I’ve ever spent more than £5 on a item in one of these shops so I’m gonna say I’m 90% sure all the items featured in this post were under £5 (apart from the last one which has been a recent addition to my collection)

This is one of my all time fave jumpers and one of my best finds EVER! It was originally from H&M. It has ballooned sleeves and slightly cropped front.

You can already tell I like the stripes.

These were the luckiest find. I’d been needing a new pair of jeans and I wandered in Oxfam and there they were. They were the first and only pair I tried on. They were also the fit I’d been looking for. T’was meant to be.
They are originally from Newlook

This skirt I wear regularly! – It was a very lucky purchase.
The yellow and white stripped top is also a charity shop find (originally from primark)

Skirt was originally from M&S (don’t worry I didn’t go out in this without tights!)

I’m yet to wear this dress out but figured it’s a nice one to layer or wear for a smart occasion if one occurs. I love it’s high neck and the fact it’s a scaterdress! It is originally from Next

This jumper makes a reappearance on the regular! But it pairs so nicely with the dress underneath which was also a charity shop find ….
Excuse my damp hair but here is the dress by itself. I wore it a lot in summer without tights or a jumper and I love it for how easy it is to wear it on its own BUT also pair it with some jumpers and layer it. It’s originally from F&F.

This coat is my most recent find from a charity shop. It was £8 and originally from Debenhams.

So that concludes my charity shop features in my wardrobe! I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and will consider charity shopping in the future (when we are allowed to go to them again).

Let me know in the comments your best charity shop find !