Despite not having being physically at Plymouth university since before my 21st birthday (March 16th) I am a BIG step closer to being a graduate – just 2 assignments to go.

My dissertation has been a LONGGG work in progress, ever since our introductory lecture to the dissertation back in February … 2019!

I’m glad it’s over but I was so sad to let go of a project that I have put so much effort and time into but the deadline was approaching so I had to let it go.

I’m really pleased with it (Hopefully my grades will reflect that!) and I’m so excited to be able to finally share it with you all.

Lots of my lovely friendlings and family members have read parts of it already, although for some of you that might have been in the early drafting stages – lots has changed since then!

For those of you not in ‘The Know’ my dissertation was a series of 3 short stories (and a big essay- but that bit isn’t interesting to you guys I’m sure). There were focused on an environmental crisis which envisages “What might might happen if humans leave climate change to the last minute?” Very topical at the minute right?

You’re probably thinking: “Abi stop rambling and get on with the stories” so I’ll get on with it.

I have shared ‘Plan A: Finding power’ on a standalone blog post here and will do ‘Plan B: Submerging Towns’ and ‘Plan C: Evacuation’ as their own one over the next few weeks to not bombard you with it all at once (it also sneakily gives me some more content to share at a time where I am not able to share any travel blogs with you like I had originally planned to be doing next month).

I will hyper link them all here as they go up in case you stumble across this in a few months time.

I celebrated the hand in on Thursday with a couple mugs of Mulled Wine -Yes I know it’s not winter – and an attempt at seeing the satellites but unfortunately we couldn’t see them. But we did see Venus!!!

On Friday I made my parents celebrate with me over some games.

The intention for delaying was so when I did the food shop on Friday morning I could pick up some nibbles and some party food. That failed…

…I forgot to write it on the shopping list and came out of Sainsbugs with none of what I had foreseen myself enjoying (party rings, tangy cheese Doritos, crackers – although, I did somehow remember the cheese).

We did then manage to see the satellites! Was very hard to spot as they were smaller and slower than we expected them to be, but we watched multiple of them slowly whizz past. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite pick them up on my camera.

Anyway back to the dissertation… kinda …. In the last few weeks I’ve become obsessed with making timelapses and considering my dissertation was the only thing I was doing I took lots of me working away on it. So here are a few of them if you too like a cheeky time lapse:


Desperately trying to reduce my word count in my Diss : a timelapse #timelapse #study #studying #student #dissertation

♬ Chilled Vibes – ItsMelo

Continuing to edit my dissertation: a timelapse #timelapse #studying #student

♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

I have to admit I don’t actually understand tiktok but I wanted to upload the time lapses somewhere to save memory space on my phone

So, that concludes my ramble! I hope you enjoy reading my stories- if you find any typos DO NOT TELL ME! it is far too late for me to change it, I do not need that stress!

So 2 assignments left to go… Lets seize the day (carpe diem) as Horace says!

I hope you are keeping well! Look after yourselves x