Halloween is done and dusted, and in this next period of the pandemic, many of us are turning towards the Christmas festivities.

Christmas shopping has started earlier than ‘normal’ and some happiness seeking inmates of lockdown are even putting up their Christmas decorations, and why not?!

Under traditional rules, Christmas decorations should go up at the beginning of advent (the fourth Sunday before Christmas).

This year, the start of advent falls on the 29th November.

So, according to the Scotsman, “It actually is acceptable to put up your Christmas tree and decorations in November if you’re one of the early birds“.

When I embrace the inner English student in me, it’s interesting to note that the Scotsman quote places a particular emphasis on ‘acceptability’ and festivity seekers being what is referred to in the article as an “early bird”.

This negative connotation, is a very common negative attitude against people getting into the Christmas spirit and we see it every year.

In 2015, according to confused.com, “86% of people believed that November is too early to put up your decorations

The debate, and the shaming of those who are expressing their holiday spirit, happens year after year and this year is by no means any different.

But this year is 2020.

This year we all need some good news and something to look forward to.

Even with the yearly continual shaming of the bah-hum-bugs and Grinches, more an more people are starting to dust the boxes from the attic and break out the tinsel.

Generating the excitement through preparation, and practising the festivities we can, is known to make us happier: “celebrating Christmas early might make you happier.

In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to associate to things that make them happy, and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood,”

The nostalgia of our previous Christmas memories can help us to feel happier, and isn’t that all what we need to get us through lockdown 2.0?

People Are Putting Their Christmas Trees Up Early To Make Lockdown Fun

Personally, I’m at the point of starting my Christmas shopping -which I’m trying to do locally on independent websites- and getting into the vibe of things.

I’m so excited to feel the atmospheric buzz that we get when houses and highstreets are lit up — it won’t be much longer until I’m pestering to put the tree up and watching Christmas films on repeat.

So the consencus?

If putting up your tree and lights will make you feel happy, cosy, and just generally a bit better, then do it!

Screw the traditional timings and the hate from the bah-hum-bugs and find yourself some Christmas spirit.

Or, if you want to read something more nicely put; “Is it too early to put up Christmas decorations? Not after the year we’ve had“, says the Guardian.

When are you putting your tree up this year?

Thanks for reading x