Happy Sunday all!

This is going to be an old school quick and chatty life update blog post, as I have something exciting to update you on!

Hopefully it will put a smile on your face after all the bad news we’ve received this week about the tiers (I’ve been place in tier 3 in Bristol).

As many of you probably already know after my many reels and Instagram stories sharing pictures of him; The Purvis family has got a new dog!

As I’ve already shared many videos and pictures on Instagram, when I was puppy sitting yesterday I made sure to use my Nikon camera and get some cute (and less cute) pictures* of Padfoot.

*The pictures are unedited so I apologise if they are a little darker than normal but yesterday was a gloomy and soggy one!

“Padfoot is a dog”

Says my boyfriend Will Cooper when I asked what I should include in this blog post

Padfoot is a 12 week sprocker (spaniel and cocker mix) puppy, who is an absolute menace but a true sweetheart with an adorable face you can’t get mad at … even after he destroys the strawberry patch or tries to eat my plaits!

After our trip to New Zealand (to see my brother) which was due to be in December was cancelled, it was concluded that now is the perfect time to get a second dog! — my brother thinks he’s been replaced…

Padfoot has been a little ray of sunshine (albeit a very energetic one) the last few weeks and we are very lucky to have been able to have got him before the lockdown.

I think we are all just excited for when we can take him on walks and tire him out though — 5 days to go!

I have shared lots of puppy content on my Instagram account if you want to see more pictures and videos like the one below:

Keep safe and well all. I hope Padfoot’s little face has brightened your Sunday morning.

Love to you all x