The reason I love blogging, and the reason I started blogging in the first place is because; I get to write (which I love), but most importantly, I get to write about what I want.

Over here on my lifestyle blog I feel ZERO pressure to write for anybody but me, that said I do love the growing little audience I have over here. It’s amazing that you guys want and do read my rambles about my adventures, book reviews, and just general life thoughts.

Sometimes, I like to expand my audience and go beyond blogging and into feature writing.

This is when I pitch article ideas to independent magazines and write about a particular topic in a lot more depth and analysis.

The majority of the time, this feature writing is unpaid work.

Perhaps that’s just because I’m pitching to mags on the smaller side, but I thoroughly enjoy the experience of working with different editors and creating pieces for different audiences but on topics I am genuinely interested in, and want to produce a piece on.

This type of work is a great stepping stone towards freelance work (at least for me it was). It gave me a portfolio of published work for a variety of publications on a variety of topics. And honestly, it’s so fun.

This week, one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever written got published by The Everyday Magazine.

The piece is titled; Life Lessons From Climbing: How Climbing teaches us patience and simply just giving it a go.

As I’m sure many of my regular readers know, I’m a big fan of climbing and sadly don’t get to go as often as I’d like too — saying that I did go bouldering this week (YIPPEEE — it was great!).

So when I was self isolating, I lived and breathed the climbing’s first debut to the Olympics.

I’ve always found climbing great for my mental health, but watching these athletes made me realise how universally the sport can help us. It teaches us patience, giving it a go, and taking a step back which are amazing lessons to apply to everyday life.

So, as a bit of self promo, I want to dedicate this weeks lifestyle blog to my article and ask you guys to go read it and give it some love.

I’m really proud of this piece, and I really really enjoyed writing it.

If you are looking at getting into freelance writing and need to expand your portfolio, I highly recommend pitching to The Everyday Magazine, the team over there are brilliant.