Graduating when I did (woooo pandemic grad of the class of 2020), played a huge part into this decision.

When it took months to even get a supermarket job, I used my spare time to write pieces for independent magazines, charities, and then I got an internship with the University of Plymouth’s iMayflower scheme which taught me how to work in a freelance capacity professionally.

I knew about freelancing but didn’t understand how to do it. But the internship showed me it’s actually quite simple and the only things I really needed to know that I didn’t was how to invoice.

After my internship I found a few one off paid jobs, and then got my first long-term client who I still work with now.

Going freelance gave me the capacity to create my own work at a time where the unemployment rates had sky-rocketed.

Even though freelance work can be unsteady at times (which is why I balance copywriting alongside my part time job), the projects that you do get to partake in can be so varied and interesting that you’re always learning and crafting something new.

I’ve written a piece about soil diversity, not my normal area of writing, but being able to research into this and report a clients findings was such a random but exciting project for me to get involved with.

I can also turn down work I don’t want. Obviously this is a privileged position to be in, but I know if I have no interest in the topic the content I produce won’t be something I’d want to shout from the roofs (and I only want to produce content that is).

But, it also means I get a say in who and what I work for and on. Being my own boss in this respect is great as it means my creative juices are only put to work on a client and project I believe in and am passionate about.

One of the biggest perks of freelance is that I can fit it around my schedule.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have some time off my part time job the last couple of weeks which freed up some time to have a busier writing week last week, and then some adventure time this week.

Last week I talked about balancing freelance around my part time job and how scheduling and planning was crucial to this, but in the case that I’m desperate for an adventure, I can also squeeze this in on quieter weeks.

I get to schedule my work time. I always will have deadlines to adhere to but being aware of these and making sure I have dedicated time to these means I wriggle in an adventurous play day here and there without pleading to a manager for a day off.

Equally, I get to work where I want so I can always bring it with me on a spontaneous trip (which I’m hoping to have more of).

Ultimately the thing I love most about being a freelance copywriter is the variety of work I do. Being able to work with new clients on their projects allows me to keep what I love doing new and interesting.

If you are looking for a copywriter, please do get in touch. I’d love to discuss what you’re looking for and help create a flourishing bit of copy for you and your readers.

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