Sometimes simplicity is the best approach to a blog.

If you have something particular you need to articulate, there’s no need to overcomplicate it.

But, just because you’re going to keep it simple, it doesn’t mean your copy is going to be boring, there are still ways to keep your copy engaging.

Here’s how I keep my copy simple when it needs to be:

1. Declarative

Short sentences are impactful. They make a point. They are precise. It declares a fact.

When you are writing a paragraph, to convey the message and keep it simple you can summarise it with a declarative afterwards. It will be poignant in your copy.

Or, try dropping the paragraph entirely and just use the declarative.

Play around with it and see what works best.

2. Colons

A colon can be used as a method of amplification. If you have a long explanatory sentence, you can use a colon to wrap up your sentence with a more precise explanation.

I find they are great to use after quotes, using a colon can allow you summarise the quote in a simpler manner.

3. If in doubt, cut it out

If it’s too long, or not adding any value, cut it. Your audiences are often looking for information and skimming past things that are irrelevant to them, when they can’t find the information they are looking for at a quick skim (even if you do have it in there somewhere) they will often turn away.

When you cut out the unnecessary bits, what I like to call ‘waffle’, the important information will be there for the reader to find straight away.

The information they are seeking will then be simple to find.

4. Sythethesize

Instead of cutting it out, you could try shortening it. Write your original paragraph, and then shorten the word count to at least half without losing any of the meaning.

Sythesthesizing is much easier to do when editing text down on reflection. Much like the cutting out method, you are removing unnecessary things just on a smaller more detailed scale.

The meaning will remain, but it’ll be simpler to read.

5. Skip the Jargon

Using specialist language can often disrupt the reader’s flow. If they find a word or phrase they don’t know it can disrupt and stagnate your piece. Know your audience; will they know the specialist phrases or acronyms? Do you really need to put them in?

Sometimes being direct and concise is the best way to convey a message.

Keep it simple.

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