Particularly when you’re freelancing (or at least that’s what I’ve found), the content you get asked to write can vary.

Now you could decline it and stick to the topics you’re used to, or you could say yes and have a whole new writing experience.

It can be daunting writing about topics you don’t feel confidently knowledgeable about, but trust me, it can make your writing experience so much more interesting.

Refine your research skills: When you know that bit less to begin with, your research has to begin that bit wider so that you can gather your understanding on a topic.

Spark new creativity: New topics can often mean new writing styles or tones. It means you can break out of your habitual ways of writing and begin a new process.

Expand your audiences: Moving away from the standard pieces you write will probably mean your target audience will have shifted too. You might have once been writing copy with an audience of single mums, to an entirely different audience for example golfing sports fans. Different clients come with different niches and working with a variety will massively increase your skills set

Increase your clientele base: More yeses can mean more work, more opportunities, and more clients

Enhance your talent: Applying your copy skills in multiple ways means you’ll be unstoppable.

Why stick to the same routine method of writing on similar topics when you can push yourself out of your comfort zone a broaden your content writing skills?

I for one love that I can pretty much write about any topic, so long as I’ve done my research, and I find that exciting: My copy has no restrictions.

And the more you say yes, the more you feel ready and confident to take on another new thing when it comes around.

I’ve written about soil biodiversity, property law, and even how to move house abroad. These are things I’ve never done and never thought I would ever write about but I really enjoyed the process of putting myself outside of my comfort zone and creating good copy with a new process. And that’s why I think you should say yes too.

If you are looking for a copy or content writer, please do get in touch.

I’d love to discuss what you’re looking for, and help create a flourishing bit of copy for you and your reader.