Your tone and voice should always be able to convey when you are being humorous, but how do you use your tone and voice to make your humour more playful and explicit?

Here are some of my favourite ways to emphasise and use humour in a blog post:

  1. Use italics

If you are writing with your own voice, italics can visually emphasise to your reader a change in your tone indicating your use of humour or sarcasm.

2. Use of ellipsis

Ellipsis is one of my favourite ways to use humour. I use it often to add a punch line or witty remark after making my point. This way, you’re still conveying the information but keeping your audience engaged with the humour afterwards.

3. Use a simile or metaphor

Using comparison or alternative representation can evoke an image in your reader’s mind, perfect for using humour.

4. Make fun of yourself

This is great when you’re writing your own blog, you have to be a lot more tactful when you’re writing for a client. You need to understand the voice of the brand (which you should do anyway), and use humour that that voice would use and keep it relevant. This is something that Aldi’s social media always does brilliantly.

5. Use Slang

The informality and casual nature of slang correctly placed can add humour as by its very nature; slang is playful. It can be used exaggeratively, sarcastically, or even used to be more relatable and down to earth with your audience by removing some formalities.

When using humour keep it simple and stay on brand. You don’t want to overcomplicate the piece with humour: you are not a comedy act, you are delivering information. Sprinkle humour in, play around with it, but don’t over-use it. You’ll know when you’re proofing where it works and where it is right.

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