Living with yourself is an amazing new show on Netflix! It stars Paul Rudd and is absolutely hilarious (well that’s if you like dark humour).

The premise of the series is that a man who wants to better himself goes to do just that in a ‘spa’ but wakes up in a grave. He ends up finding a clone of himself in his home, his clone is the better version of him.

This series speaks to notions of understanding yourself and dealing with your own emotions and mental health, and everyone in your life. It follows tricky relationships and conflicting feelings whilst trying to just live and get by. It has a really meaningful message behind it… once you get past the darker bits.

I highly highly recommend this programme. I loved it, it even made me cry a couple times. I watched all eight episodes in a day: it really was that good. Each episode was left very ‘cliffhangery’ so it was impossible to not watch more. The episodes are only half an hour too so it’s very easy to get carried away. I might have to re-watch it soon. I’ve already been pestering my housemates and family to watch it, and will do so until they do!

If you’ve already seen it please let me know what you thought 🙂