With Christmas just round the corner it’s getting to that point where most people are getting into the Christmas spirit, but sometimes that is hard when you’re not a child leaving mince pies out for father Christmas.

So if you want to feel a bit less Scrooge like here are my tips (now that’s not to say I’m like Mrs Christmas; I’m am too trying to find those Christmas vibes). So with 17 days to go, lets start spreading feeling festive…

The start of Christmas, I think, is sparked by the turning on of the Christmas lights. The ones in my home town are always the best and make me feel the most festive- but this year I was in Plymouth so had to settle with the Plymouth light switch on

Annoyingly they got turned on 10 mins early so I actually missed them being turned on. I’d left early to meet Harry to make sure we had 5 mins to weave through the crowd and everything! Big Sad. But seeing the lights is always nice

I’m just incredibly excited to see the ones at home on Friday along the highstreet!

Another thing which weirdly makes me feel festive is the theatre. Myself and my friend Lily were given some press tickets to go and see ‘We Will Rock You’. I think it must just be that the general atmosphere is similar to the buzz you get around christmas, so maybe take yourself to see a play

The play itself, for anyone who is wondering, was amazing! We must’ve been the youngest people in there but we loved it. Who doesn’t love a bit of Queen and some comedy.

Lily and I have also been going to a cute Christmas cafe recently to have a catch up and do some dissertation work. They have the cutest christmas decs there! and the dog makes my heart melt ❤

My friend Riss also came across some vouchers and treated me to a lovely Christmas themed afternoon tea at Chocaccino. The mini deserts were so cuteee and all the food was Christmas themed with flavour or shape.

Now this is another weird one to make me feel festive but McFlurrys (yes the McDonald’s Ice cream).

I hopped into Harry’s car in my red Christmas leggings and big Rudolph slippers and he drove Ellie and I about 20 mins to the nearest drive through just for this moment. Random but great. Plus to make it more festive the McDonald’s workers were wearing Rudolf antlers.

Other festive treats include gingerbread men baking;

AND MULLED WINE. It’s been making a big appearance this year.

I’ve been having a nice warm mugful watching Christmas films. I think Ellie and I have a new PB of 5 films in a day. We’ve been watching all the ones on Netflix and are now moving onto the classics. (I was also doing work at the same time for any family members reading and worrying about my dissertation deadline)

Putting up the Christmas Decorations are also a big must! This is a sure way to start feeling Christmasy. Light some candles, put the tunes on, get the decs up.

You might wanna turn you volume down for this, I forgot to edit out the weird background noises we were making!

Mulled wine may have been involved again whilst putting up the tree…. The bottles are super cheap in co-op at the min; it’s 2 bottles for £6, it’s worth stocking up on.

We also made some Christmas crafts whilst listening to endless amounts of Christmas tunes

A crisp Sunday morning walk makes the list too. As much as it’s been bitterly cold recently, when the weather is nice but cold it’s so lovely and fresh (wow I really am an old lady). Find a nice weathered day and get ya walking boots on.

When Will came to stay last weekend he drove us to Saltram House and we did a little walk there

We then stopped off in the cafe for a warm drink before heading back. LOOK AT THIS TREEE

I also bought my tree cookie cutter here that we used for the gingerbread baking night. We had a little competition of who could take the best photo of it; annoyingly I think Will won here.

A spot of Christmas shopping is also bound to make you feel festive. I get so excited about buying gifts for people and wrapping them up… although it does take me forever to buy presents because I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Yesterday had to be the most festive I’ve felt! My housemates and I spent the day sorta pretending it was Christmas (or maybe it was just me hoping they felt like that too).

We got up did a BIG food shop in Sainsbugs

We then made and consumed said roast dinner

While the food baby pains subsided we swapped presents

We then hosted a wine and cheese night whereby we ate A LOT of cheese! and played a very very very competitive game of articulate

I hope you are all starting to get in the Christmas spirit, and if not; I hope these tips will help you to find it.

I wish you all a very merry lead up to Christmas and I’ll see you next week with another blog post 🙂 Thanks for reading x