It’s a good job I realised a couple of days before we left that we weren’t going to Wiltshire, or it would’ve been a VERY long drive to the correct county our Airbnb was in. For WEEKS I had been telling family, friends, and colleagues I was going on a gals holiday to Wiltshire, to the point that Will (my boyfriend) only found out the day before I left that I was actually going to Worcester!!!

I must’ve just remembered the ‘W’ and confidently decided that it must be Wiltshire… idiot *face palm*.

This weekend showed me that gals trips in your 20s are so needed.  

It was a long overdue holiday that we (or maybe just me, myself, and I) hadn’t known we needed. 

Conversations ranged from stressing about how to save and somehow swiftly moved onto writing rude words on bananas… adulting at its finest.

We spent a lot of the holiday in the hot tub which was of course a crucial aspect of the airbnb. It has however made me want a hot tub in all my future Airbnb stays!

We also managed to; adventure for a short walk in the Malvern hills, have a roast dinner, and go for lunch in Tewksbury. 

It was a very stereotypical girls’ weekend with matching pyjamas and prosecco and I loved it more than I had expected to. 

There’s a lot of comfort in being able to be open and honest with people who have similar life experiences to you and just have a good moan and a good giggle. 

Thanks gals for a lovely time ❤️