Can you believe it!!

I for one could not, and still cannot, believe it.

London. Me?

This gal even went on the tube.

Thankfully our trip was not cancelled due to Covid-19 and I was able to take Will to London for his 23rd birthday.

As someone who can get anxious in city crowds, the only reason (other than the fact that Will alternatively loves London) was that I had booked for us to go and see The Cursed Child at The Palace Theatre!

So, after almost missing our bus from Bristol due to traffic and having to speed walk to the bus station instead, our London journey began.

We arrived at Victoria bus station and walked into Pimlico where our Airbnb apartment for the next three nights awaited us. The windows in the apartment were amazing, I was so excited to open the blinds each morning and have all the light come through.

After dropping off our bags, we took off for a late night exploration of the area whilst munching on some bourbon biscuits I had stowed away in my jacket. Our accommodation was just a short walk from the Thames which was perfect for our stroll. We also saw the power station all lit up as a memorial for the holocaust.

Friday was the day of the play, which was the centre of our plans as I had booked to see both Part one and Part two of The Cursed Child on the same day. It’s effectively watching two plays back to back, so we were essentially in the theatre between 2pm and 10pm.

As we knew we would be inside for the majority of the day, we decided to take a walk along the Thames to the theatre in the morning to explore and make the most of the only daylight and freshair we were going to have that day!

During the gap between the two plays, thankfully we found a restaurant that was not fully booked for some dinner.

Can I just say; Cecconi’s pizza was the most delicious pizza I have EVER had — although that could partially be due to the fact I had paused my participation in Veganuary for this weekend.

After sitting down for so many hours, we enjoyed a walk back too.

Saturday was the lovely William’s birthday.

He decicded he wanted to go on a birthday walk, so we adventured around hyde park and St James’ park before some lunch at Greenwood.

We then walked back to our Pimlico apartment and got showered and changed for his birthday meal out at Coppa Club.

Not that anyone will care but I want to draw attention to the fact I actually wore heels for the occasion.

I was so desperate to make an effort, but as a non-heels wearer I wore trainers up until the moment we were outside the restaurant and changed into them. I also changed out of them when we left. Proabably not worth the faff but I think the effort should be recognised here!

Coppa Club is one of the most beautifully located resturants with its views of Tower Bridge, highly recommend.

We also went to the alchemist which I had never been too before. Will had been to one before and I’ve heard good things from friends and yet I was still amazed by the creative and interactive cocktails!

We took the tube back and fell asleep slept very quickly after all the walking we had done that day!

Sunday we packed up our things and caught the bus home.

It was abit of a frustrating journey back with traffic delays and obnoxious people on our bus but it can’t all be perfect.

To my surprise, it was the most lovely weekend away. I’m not a city gal, but I loved our trip! Perhaps more city breaks are on the cards.
I was a bit blue when we got home as I was sad our trip was over… anyone else get post holiday blues?

Thanks to Will for coming along (not that he had much choice as it was his birthday present).

If you want to see more I did document the trip in the form of reels over on my Instagram